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2018 Team Josh & the DCO Riders
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Team Josh & the DCO Riders - In memory of Josh Friedman

Joshua Friedman Josh passed away on November 18, 2011 after succumbing to complications from Dyskeratosis Congenita, a disease that has been diagnosed to less than 400 individuals.
In honor of Josh
For those of you that had the opportunity to know our oldest son Josh, it goes without saying what a courageous young man he grew to be and how he touched thousands of people during his life which was way too short at seventeen years. For those that never had the opportunity to know Josh, attached is a link written by one of Josh's best friends that describes what a tremendous life he lived and the impact he had on his family, friends and community
Please support funding for research to help fight Dyskeratosis Congenita
Dyskeratosis Congenita Outreach, Inc., incorporated as a 501(c)3 in 2009, was formed to support families affected by DC. The genetic disease most often occurs in children but also affects adults. It's symptoms are many, including bone marrow failure, gastrointestinal issues, pulmonary fibrosis, oral cancers, but are all linked to problems with telomere maintenance. Every patient affected by the condition has extremely short telomeres.

The rarity of the disease coupled with the extreme variance in symptoms often results in misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment. DCO exists to spread awareness among doctors, but moreover to support and connect patients dealing with this often terminal illness with resources and expert medical advice. We support any endeavors that expand understanding of DC, its causes and its treatments.

At present, there is no cure for DC. But with the explosion of scientific research around telomere function we remain hopeful science will give us insight into stopping the disease in its tracks.
Please help us raise funds for research
The 2018 Million Dollar Bike Ride will be the fourth year Team Josh's DCO Riders have represented Dyskeratosis Congenita Outreach, Inc. (DCO).

Thanks to your generosity and support, over the last three years we awarded two research grants, each for $50,000.

I'm proud to share that this past December we awarded our second grant of $50,000 to Drs. Brad Johnson and Chris Legner of the University of Pennsylania's Pearlman School of Medicine and Penn's Veterinary School for them to continue research that will lead to slowing down or disrupting the telomorase process that impacts many of the pathological systems in DC patients. Here is a link to an article that details some of this ground-breaking science.

We received proposals for a number of transformational research initiatives which has inspired us to continue our riding to raise money and awareness to help those impacted by DC.

Thanks again,

Team Josh & the DCO Riders!
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