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Cycle for Lauren
Lauren Ruotolo is a 38 year old woman who was diagnosed at the young age of 9 months with McCune...
Emma's Million Dollar Ride for PCD - Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia
Emma will ride 35 miles with 1600 ft. of climbing to benefit Penn Scientists Orphan Disease...
A Love for Life Team 2 Fundraising Page
We have 6 boats competing in the Philadelphia International Dragon Boat Festival on October 3 2015
Million Dollar Bike Ride
Raising money to fund rare disease research
Frank Elia's "Million Dollar Bike Ride"
*Riding in Support of Rare Bone Diseases*
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2013 Pennsylvania Hospital ICN Reunion Gretchen Murphy
2015 Class Gift Campaign Mr. Timothy Wortham
2015 Joe Urban Classic Fight ATC Joan McCullough
2015 Million Dollar Bike Ride Janelle Spinazzola
2015 Million Dollar Bike Ride Ms. Julianne Oothoudt
Question: I can't remember the custom URL I chose for the page. Where can I find it?
Answer: You can find your custom URL by logging in to your page and then selecting "Edit My Page" tab at the top. In the upper right, there is an icon that says "Edit description and goals". When you click... more
Question: How do I stop the GivingPages from posting on my behalf to Facebook?
Answer: You need to sign in to your Facebook account and choose "Apps" on the left side of the page. On the next page, click the "Settings" gear at the top of the page. If you don't see the Penn GivingPages... more
Question: Do I have to create an account to build a page?
Answer: Yes. In order for us to save your fundraiser information and your page (and for you to be able to edit it later), you need to create an account using a unique username and a password.
Question: Do I need to create a separate log-in for each campaign?
Answer: No. Once you create a log-in using your username and password, you can create multiple pages from the home page. The "Manage my Page" link in the upper right of each page will allow you to select... more
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