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Support the Department of Neurosurgery
This campaign will be used to increase support and awareness of the Department of Neurosurgery.
Rayna Goldfarb Gynecological Oncology Endowment
Your contribution will help low-income women fight gynecological cancers with dignity, and secure...
We Pedal for Quincy and Pitt Hopkins
A spring time ride through wine country to raise funds for Pitt Hopkins Research. All funds 100%...
Ride to cure CDKL5
CDKL5 Our daughter Avery is two years old. She is the sweetest, happiest girl you will ever meet.
NBIA Disorders
Riding to raise funds and awareness of NBIA Disorders.
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125 Years of Architecture Campaign Janhavi Chandra
2005-2015-GHI's Second Decade, Focus on Diabetes Kent Bream
2015 Million Dollar Bike Ride Janelle Spinazzola
2015 Movin' for Mallory Spinathon Katrina Holloway
2015 Pennsylvania Hospital ICN Reunion Gretchen Murphy
Question: I can't remember the custom URL I chose for the page. Where can I find it?
Answer: You can find your custom URL by logging in to your page and then selecting "Edit My Page" tab at the top. In the upper right, there is an icon that says "Edit description and goals". When you click... more
Question: Is there a way to track cash or check donations that my friends and family give to me?
Answer: Yes. When you log in to your page to edit it, there is a green button at the top that says "Enter Checks". On the following screen, you will need to enter any available donor information to have the... more
Question: Where should I send checks made to my campaign?
Answer: Please mail all checks to 3535 Market Street, Suite 750, Philadelphia, PA 19104. Be sure to note that the checks are for a GivingPage and the name of the GivingPage.
Question: Do I have to create an account to build a page?
Answer: Yes. In order for us to save your fundraiser information and your page (and for you to be able to edit it later), you need to create an account using a unique username and a password.
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