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   Dr. Gregory Cali    $100.00
   Mr. Russell Miller    $100.00
Laura Fratello
Mr. Russell Miller $100.00
Dr. Gregory Cali $100.00
Translational Neuropathology Research Laboratory: Our Drive to Understand ALS
Our Mission
We are dedicated to discovering the basic molecular abnormalities in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and related neurodegenerative diseases. Our goal is to translate these fundamental discoveries into clinically useful biomarkers and treatments for this devastating disease.

The Translational Neuropathology Research Laboratory is dedicated to

- the preservation and restoration of brain health
- the increase of knowledge concerning the cause and cure of ALS, FTD and related neurodegenerative diseases
- the education of those would serve humanity

Donations of any size help advance our efforts to uncover the fundamental causes of ALS and related diseases, and will aid in our mission to train the next generation of ALS researchers.
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    Hope to see some strides made in our lifetime! --Laura Fratello
    I hope this helps Good Luck --Mrs. Adeline Fricchione

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