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Dr. Linda Aiken, Founding Director of the Center for Health Outcomes, presents the history of "Nursing's Impact on Patient Outcomes"
  RN4CAST-Chile Study Team Briefs the Minister of Health and Recommends Establishing a National Safe Staffing Ratio for Public Hospitals (L.-R.: Penn PhD Nursing Student, Marta Simonetti; Paz Soto, Universidad Católica de Chile; Emilio Santelices, Chile Minister of Health; Drs. Linda Aiken and Jere Behrman from Penn; Dr. Consuelo Cerón, Universidad de los Andes; and, Dr. David Bravo, Universidad Católica de Chile)  
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30th Anniversary Campaign

Announcing our 30th anniversary, $1M Fundraising Campaign!
Since 1989, the Center for Health Outcomes Research (CHOPR) has led rigorous research on the impact of nursing on patient outcomes, helping to shape and improve policies and practices all around the world. CHOPR also produces the next generation of nurse scientists, who continue its tradition of excellence by serving as a critical resource for nursing at-large, nurses themselves and the patients that they serve.

As part of Penn Nursing's $60M Innovating for Life and Living Campaign, CHOPR is raising one million dollars ($1M) over the next two years for dedicated support of the Center. Because CHOPR's research funding generally is project specific, additional funding is needed to fulfill its commitment to translation of research to inform policy in the US and abroad. For the first time since its inception, we now are seeking support from partners to help continue CHOPR's critical work.

Thank you to those who have already joined us in this effort! We also invite others to consider a gift in honor of our 30th anniversary. All gifts to CHOPR's quasi-endowed fund will help us continue our positive impact on the quality and safety of healthcare and on the health, wellbeing, and retention of a highly qualified nurse workforce for many years to come. To tangibly demonstrate her dedication and commitment, Dr. Linda Aiken, CHOPR's Founder and Director is matching every gift dollar for dollar up to $100,000! All gifts to CHOPR also will count toward Penn's and the Nursing School's campaigns. For more information or to learn how you can make a gift over time, please contact Nadina Deigh, Vice Dean of Institutional Advancement at or 215-746-6184.
Thank you all for your generous gifts and your vote of confidence in CHOPR to impact impacting policy and practice. I have added a $30,000 gift to double the value of gifts to date.
~ Linda Aiken (7/2019)
Dr. Linda Aiken, Founder and Director, makes a dollar for dollar match
Dr. Linda Aiken, CHOPR's Founder and Director, has been at the heart of this work for over 30 years. In a tangible demonstration of her dedication and commitment, to kick off the ambitious campaign to raise $1 million, she is providing a CHALLENGE gift that matches every contribution made by December 31, 2019 up to a total of $100,000.
See what we've done in the first 30.... imagine what we can do in the next 30...
Our three decades of bold research has created a robust scientific evidence base showing that nursing matters in whether or not patients survive a hospital stay, avoid painful and dangerous complications while in the hospital, return home able to care for themselves and assume their normal lives, or experience a peaceful death at the end of life. We've:
  • Demonstrated that health care settings having enough nurses is the single most important factor in patients' satisfaction with their care which led to major improvements in nurse staffing world-wide.
  • Shown that hospitals with baccalaureate-qualified nurses have lower mortality rates, which has substantially changed employer preferences toward a more educated nurse workforce.
  • Trained 28 PhDs and 39 postdoctoral fellows to date, who now are employed in 45 different institutions in 25 states and 9 countries.
  • Brought the work environment of nurses to the attention of hospital administrators and policymakers.
  • Provided the evidence base for nurse staffing legislation in California, Massachusetts, Wales, Ireland, and Queensland, Australia.
  • Influenced the National Academy of Medicine's 2010 recommendation that 80% of US nurses have a bachelor's degree by 2020.
  • Shown the importance of Magnet Recognition, which is now included in top hospital quality rankings like U.S. News and World Report Best Hospitals and Leapfrog.
  • Helped create nursing services and policy research capacity in 30 countries with nurse researchers abroad publishing in top tier interdisciplinary journals and gaining increasing traction informing national policies in their countries.
  • Worked strategically to promote nursing services research funding opportunities at NIH, AHRQ, and private foundations that have benefitted many in our field.
Donation messages
CHOPR is the leading center in the world for supporting the research education of nurses. Dr. Linda Aiken has an impressive legacy for nurses and the most important, safe, and quality patient care. I am grateful for my experience at CHOPR and excited to observe the many accomplishments by faculty and postdocs. Now more than ever, we need inspiring leadership of healthcare that comes from CHOPR nurse scientists! --Nancy Hanrahan, PhD, RN, FAAN
Congratulations to Dr. Aiken for 30 years of unwavering leadership and outstanding scholarship. Wish best wishes to CHOPR for continued success in developing a robust and relevant research & training program. - Nancy Khan --Nancy Khan
Many congratulations to the CHOPR and to Prof. Linda Aiken on the 30th anniversary. I am so proud and grateful to have had the chance through a Fulbright grant to work with Prof. Aiken and her team for about a year. It has been the most powerful and unique experience of my life. There is not a day that goes by that I do not feel appreciation and gratitude for Prof. Aiken. Thank you for your time and for being my mentor. All the best. Gianluca Catania --Gianluca Catania
Dedicating this gift to two inspiring Boston nurse mentors who guided me through my professional journey and kept pushing me to do more--and I followed their advice, always. They were smart, tough and visionary. Their legacy is rich, respectively. And they will be missed by many who had the great fortune to know them professionally and personally. A treasure for the nursing profession. They gave life their all; Ann Kibrick died just a few weeks short of her 100th birthday and soon after, Anne Hargreaves left us at age 95. They were colleagues and friends to one another--May they Rest in Peace--still having strong options on the state of the health care system! --Dr. Nancy Valentine
A most extraordinary achievement by a unique individual and her superb colleagues. I am so proud of their accompishments. --Claire and Samuel Fagin

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