Million Dollar Bike Ride - Pitt Hopkins
Logan Bomar's Pedal for Pitt!

We are SO excited to be participating in this event again! This is the foundation's largest fundraiser of the year, and this year there are SO many outstanding findings in the research! Every year we are blown away, and humbled, by the incredible support of our family and friends. Every single donation, no matter how big or small, truly means the world to our family.

Pitt Hopkins kids are amazing fighters. They never give up! In the past year Logan has fought hard to walk independently, communicate with an eye gaze device, and has progressed in school to name a few. I can only imagine what she would be capable of if there were treatments..or a CURE! She will not let your donations go to waste. The hope alone keeps us going, which keeps her fighting!

In November of 2015, after 3 long years of trying to find answers to her delays, Logan was diagnosed with Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. Our fight is just beginning, and we are determined to do all we can to help her live her fullest, happiest life! We are very hopeful that these amazing researchers will find a treatment, and will someday find a cure for Logan and all of her friends!

To learn more about Logan and her Pitt Hopkin's story go to
Your Donation TRULY Counts!
For this ride, every dollar raised for Pitt Hopkins (up to $50,000) will be doubled and 100% of the donation will go to research. Logan is not riding this year (maybe next year!), but we are raising funds anyway, and will be supporting all of the riders. Any amount is more than greatly appreciated! Thank you for visiting this page and wanting to learn more about this cause.
Never Heard of Pitt Hopkins Syndrome? Most Have Not!
Pitt Hopkins is a rare and severe neuro-developmental disorder caused by a mutation of the TCF4 gene on the 18th chromosome. It is characterized by developmental delays, problems with motor coordination (ataxia) and balance, breathing abnormalities, intellectual disability and possible seizures. Most individuals with Pitt Hopkins do not develop functional speech. Pitt Hopkins affects all races and both genders equally.

Since the gene that causes Pitt Hopkins was only found in 2007, currently there are less than 600 children in the world diagnosed with this syndrome, however we believe there are many more.

For more information on Pitt Hopkins please visit
Donation messages
Go Team Logan. Keep up the great work. What a beautiful child Logan is. --Mr. john bradley
We love our precious Logan and are praying that these great minds in genetic research will find a cure for Pitt Hopkins and all genetic syndromes!!! Hats off to all these wonderful, courageous kids and their exceptional parents, siblings, families and friends!!! --Tracey and Don McCauley
God bless you, Logan! Cheering for you. ~Carla Crotts --Carla Crotts
Love you --Janet Raffa
Love you Logan You are amazing --Gayle & Margie Bomar
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Bob & Vicki Nebes $250.00
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Strang Family $75.00
Tracey and Don McCauley $250.00
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Davenport $250.00
Mac and Julie Hammer $250.00
Tracey and Don McCauley $250.00

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