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In Memory of Stephen Goodman

Bronchiectasis and Chronic Lung Infection Program
Recognizing the Need...
In recent years, there has been a worldwide increase in the prevalence of non-cystic fibrosis Bronchiectasis. This is a condition in which damage to the airways causes them to widen and slowly lose their ability to clear mucus, leading to repeated, serious lung infections. Those diagnosed with Bronchiectasis face a poor quality of life, high healthcare costs and, in some cases, complications that can lead to premature death. At Penn Medicine, faculty are leading the charge to discover new treatments and techniques to improve the quality of life of Bronchiectasis patients.
Dr. Denis Hadjiliadis
Dr. Denis Hadjiliadis has been a pioneer in this field. Along with Dr. Jason Christie, he created the Chronic Lung Infections Program (CLIP) to focus on diseases like Bronchiectasis, which are under-studied and whose research is underfunded. Despite the increasing population affected by this condition, Bronchiectasis remains an "orphan disease," as the relative number of sufferers is fewer than those of other diseases. This has resulted in a paucity of financial grants and a lack of established research. Although the number of patients is relatively smaller, this number is growing, and the need to learn more about the condition is imperative. Philanthropic gifts to research programs give doctors the support they need to pursue novel ideas that could make a difference in the lives of patients with Bronchiectasis for generations to come.
...Making the Difference
Stephen and Janis Goodman, both loyal alumni of Penn, have stepped forward. As Stephen was personally affected by Bronchiectasis, they have committed to help bridge the gap in funding for CLIP, which will allow the Penn faculty to move forward with their research in Bronchiestasis. The creation of the Goodman Bronchiectasis Research Fund, provides seed support for Dr. Hadjiliadis's work, and also helps Penn leverage its reach for grant funding. Resources for this important cause will help Penn's team create a Bronchiectasis-focused cohort and collect clinical, genetic and molecular data from patients. This will allow faculty to study targets and pathways that can help lead to treatments for these undeserved patients. Please consider joining the Goodman family to raise much-needed funds for this mission.
"Janis and I feel privileged to launch this project at Penn's Harron Lung Center through our donation. The fund is designated to support groundbreaking research by the great Dr. Denis Hadjiliadis to find causes and treatment of an uncommon lung disease, Bronchiectasis, with which I have been afflicted and which is becoming more prevalent. Our desire to inaugurate this project is inspired by Dr. Hadjiliadis' mastery and unusually personalized care and treatment of my condition, and our desire to provide more research funding for this lesser-known yet challenging chronic lung disease. We will personally be grateful for the support of others for our initiative."
-Stephen Goodman

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