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Fundraising goal $50,000.00
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Paul E. Singer Foundation $5000.00
The Coddon Family Foundation $10000.00
Jeff Katz
Laura & David Epstein $1000.00
Ronald, Cleo Ann, and Ronson Akina $300.00
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Lipsig Family Philanthropic Fund $10000.00
The Coddon Family Foundation $10000.00
Laura & David Epstein This amount includes donations indented below $6579.00
   Paul E. Singer Foundation    $5000.00
   Laura & David Epstein    $1000.00
   Bruce and Barbara Bazelon
   Suzy & Sol Levy    $36.00
   Faye Doctrow    $18.00
Greenberg-Levenson Foundation $5000.00
Chuck and Harriet Saxe $5000.00
APBD Tour de Friends

APBD Manifests During the Prime of Life
APBD is a rare, inherited disorder of metabolism that devastates the nervous system. It gives no indication of its presence in infancy or childhood, but it strikes adults when they're in the prime of life -- as young as 35. Most often, sufferers are told they have MS, ALS, peripheral neuropathy, and other severe degenerative ailments which have similar symptoms. At the current time, there is no treatment or cure.
We're Raising Dollars To Bring About a Cure
In 1980, the first major discovery concerning the genetic origin of APBD was made. Through imaginative and determined research, the understanding of the disease has deepened immensely. We're closing in on answers that promise to fulfill everyone's dream for treatment and cure! Please throw your weight behind the effort.
The University of Pennsylvania Boosts the Power of Every Donation
The dollars we raise through the Million Dollar Bike Ride will be MATCHED by Penn Medicine's Orphan Disease Center (ODC), up to $50,000. ODC banks all funds on our behalf and administers research grants to top notch researchers around the world. This is a powerful opportunity to advance APBD research. Please be generous with your support.


See our website: for more about APBD diagnosis, research, support for patients, the patient registry, and efforts to spread the word in at-risk communities.

Please be sure to check out our video:
Honoring LD Coddon - "His spirit shines brightly and illuminates the path for the APBD community."
LD lost his battle against APBD in 2016. He was a man of vision, a generous contributor to the research that has been accomplished to date, and a fine person. Those who had the privilege of joining their efforts with his saw him as a source of wisdom, knowledge and warmth.

While dealing with the extreme challenges of APBD, LD worked as the pro bono legal counsel for the APBD Research Foundation. He facilitated six months of negotiations that led to a much-needed agreement with Columbia University. He also managed discussions leading to an agreement with Hadassah Medical Center and IP discussions with Duke University. One cannot overstate LD's impact on how the APBD Research Foundation is now viewed by the outside world.

LD's stellar professional career as a corporate attorney for the Coca-Cola Company spanned 29 years and included 4 years spent in Tokyo, where he served as legal counsel for Coca-Cola Japan. LD received his undergraduate degree from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 1967. The education he received and the lifelong friends he made through his Phi Ep fraternity membership meant the world to him.

LD was so proud of his wife, his children and his grandchildren. He fought hard for every additional second he could have with them.

Please honor LD's work and his memory with a contribution to APBD research.
    Donation messages
    In memory of Howard Epstein. --Paul E. Singer Foundation
    In loving memory of LD Coddon and our friend Bob Lipsig. --The Coddon Family Foundation
    In honor of Jeff Katz of Flint, MI --Jeff Katz
    In memory of brother Howard Epstein --Laura & David Epstein
    There are Only 80 patients currently alive with APBDin the whole world. Although the disease is thought to be under-diagnosed. Most often APBD patients are misdiagnosed with other types of ailments with similar symptoms as APBD (e.g. ALS {Lou Gehrig's Disease}, prostate disease {-- men only}, peripheral neuropathy, Multiple Sclerosis). To find more info on both APBD and also the Million Dollar Bike Ride Fundraiser happenings on May 20th please visit --Ronald, Cleo Ann, and Ronson Akina

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