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2019 Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Ride for a Cure

Ally Moore, New York City
Cutting-Edge Drug Development for CMT!
Hello Supporters!

This is an incredible time for the Charcot-Marie-Tooth patient community. This year marks a monumental period of clinical development with more treatments in the pipeline for our patients and families affected by CMT.

HNF is a leader in supporting and working closely with the scientific community, biotech/pharmaceutical companies and the FDA to bring drugs and gene therapies to patients.

Patient Focused Drug Development is a critical component of HNF's Therapeutic Research In Accelerated Discovery Program (TRIAD) which spans many collaborators from academics, government and industry. HNF's TRIAD incorporates a robust patient registry which has been critical to identify gaps of symptoms and care that needed to be addressed in the support of patients and for clinical trial design and patient recruitment for clinical trials.

When you push yourself to the limit, that's when you achieve outsized results!
I push and some close to me will say you sometimes go way beyond the limits! They worry about me. Well, my comeback is always the same, how else do you cure a disease? And I will not let CMT stop me from doing the things I love and show the CMT Community, our stakeholder partnerships and donors, that I have what it takes to ensure treatments and ultimately a cure for CMT.

I look at exercise challenges like the NYC Marathon, Bike NY and now this very intense 70 mile long ride as another feat I must tackle to illustrate that anything is possible when you want it bad enough.

Therapy development is really no different. Its a feat that is tough, long and requires perseverance.

Your support will help me and the HNF reach our research goals!
Our research this year is primarily focused on gene therapy for CMT and implementing an exercise protocol to help patients be more active. Our research agenda is supporting many types of CMT through drug intervention (CMT1A, CMT2A, CMT4, CMT6, Optic Hereditary Neuropathies, and more!)
Donation messages
Thanks for your perseverance. --Ms. Lakshmi Inaganti
Thanks for fighting to end CMT! We applaud you! --Ann & David Gentry
Go Allison!! Who's better then you!! --Loucas
Great Work Allison!!! --Sonny G
good luck --frank p
Allison, I'm so thankful for your enthusiasm and work for those who have CMT. Tracy Pratt --Allison Moore
Good Luck! --The Hollett's

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