Kevin Edmonds and "A Love for Life" Fund at Penn Presbyterian Oncology
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  christine & harrison & adrienne edmonds 2013 race  
Fundraising goal $100,000.00
Recent donations (256 donations)
Name DescendingX Amount
Mrs. Allison Gumbs $350.00
Temperance House $1100.00
Donna & Bill Reading $100.00
Mrs. Heather Lewis $500.00
Mrs. Gina Mancini $50.00
Triple Sun Spirits- Newtown
Allan and Laurie Samuels
Kathy Alix $50.00
Ms. Mary Granados $100.00
Jim and Pat Shirley
Chris & Michelle Amazeen
Ms. Joanne Coughlan $100.00
Ms. Nancy Marshall $100.00
Mrs. Susan Longsdorf $100.00
Bill and Anna Marie Petersen
Rose and Bucky $100.00
Denise Kramp $100.00
Erica Librach $50.00
Matt Soccorsi $100.00
Ms. Donna Joseph
Mrs. Mary Metz
Ms. Wendy Metzger
The Novello Family
Dee Smith-Johns $1500.00
Miss Sarah Uberman $250.00
Bob & Rossen $250.00
The Cain Fmily $500.00
Myles Family $250.00
The Pro Shop of Newtown $350.00
Andy & Christa Brandon $1500.00
Mr. Christopher Edmonds
Lois and Jim Stevenson
susanne & John Svizeny $100.00
Joe and Kristin Braun $150.00
Julie and Whit Beverly
Chuck and Marybeth Alpuche and family $100.00
Sandy & Doug $200.00
Diane Long
Mrs. Lisa Connors $50.00
Temperance House $1000.00
Mrs. Donna Mulvaney
Dave Toonders
Mary Ann Nolan
Amy and Tom Gallagher $25.00
Gwen and Bernie Quigley $25.00
Mrs. Amy Taylor $25.00
Dede & Peter Horowicz $100.00
Danny Connors
Wallack $100.00
Joanne Boyle $100.00
Connors $15.00
Hannah Stubbs
Sue Sabogal $25.00
Surround Cycle $18.00
Helene Winston $50.00
Nick and Janice Sremanak $25.00
Mrs. Rebecca Owens $25.00
Bob and Sara Mirales $50.00
Mrs. Teresa Solomon
Mr. Taek-Soo Chang $20.00
Paul McKittrick
Alisa and Stuart Myles
Natalie Witoshkin $100.00
Cheryl Spais $100.00
Dan & Pam Donohoe
Barbara Maine
The Rehbit Family
Vicki Buzan $50.00
Ben Hines
Stacy Hines
Jen and Rich Fox $50.00
Jane and Dan Cohen $100.00
Alex Grigos
Ms. Linda Axenroth $125.00
Ms. Nancy McKittrick
McCann Family $100.00
Jane Cohen $50.00
Daniel Cohen $50.00
Alison Nelson $50.00
Rob & Stephanie Sponheimer
Melanie Dinkins
Suzanne Colati $25.00
Donna M Lee
Daniele Cardelia
Radcliff Family $25.00
Jaclyn Jiras
Chris Jeffries $50.00
Barbara Rick $25.00
Eine Liebe fürs Leben Oktoberfest $6278.00
Groundswell Design Group $2500.00
Binkley Family $250.00
Dennis McGee $50.00
Jen Sremanak
The Gallagher Family $20.00
Mrs. Catherine Hagan $50.00
Julie Sklar $25.00
Mrs. Jean OConnor
Anonymous $125.00
Mrs. Marilyn Parkinson $50.00
Mrs. Patricia Benner $50.00
The Cleary Family $50.00
Kari, David & William $25.00
Megan OConnor
Jeanie & Jim Sinz $125.00
Mrs. elizabeth schroeher $200.00
Mrs. Jennifer Klemmer $50.00
Simone Realty, Inc.
Blair Greiner $20.00
FosSto5 $25.00
Mrs. Nancy Wise $25.00
Dawn Ruggiero
Mrs. Kim Cosack $500.00
Michael & Judy Smith $50.00
Joy Roman $100.00
Peter Pazdrowski
Lauren Meyer
Ms. Alicia Rapp
Carol Begley
Chuck White
The Klouda Family
Katy and Eric Bursack
Magda Mazzafro's $200.00
Jimmy and Julie Greenberg $100.00
Lisa $100.00
Janet Adams
Emily Grace $25.00
Donna Joseph
Anonymous $25.00
Anonymous $50.00
Mrs. Andrea Staffin
Venneri Dental Group $100.00
Dr. Doreen Venneri $100.00
Lorna $25.00
Cathy Palladino $50.00
Toll Brothers $1000.00
Wonderful Machine $250.00
Jill & Jim Joseph
Solebury School $100.00
T & T Tree Service $500.00
Quantum Learning
Suzanne J Segalla $500.00
Mary and Larry Swyer
Suzanne Joseph segalla
Michele Joseph
The Michael Family
Suzanne Joseph Segalla
Denise Joseph
Jonathan & Rita Schnell
Ms. Kira Sterling $250.00
WSFS Bank $10000.00
Ms. Karen Mineo $250.00
Anne Marie Hughes
David Young
Lisa Connors
Karen Mineo
Elizabeth Schroeher
Tom Wiedenman $1.00
Mary Wiedenman
Daniel Kelly
Anita Kelly
Steve Samuel
Amy Winston
Daniel Cohen
Jane Cohen
Valerie Fox
Margaret Chleboski
Thomas Peterson
Barbara Maine
Colette Royal
Danielle Cargas
Jeneane Adams
Nasser Otmani
Alisa Myles
Margaret Lyons
Melanie Davis
Jennifer Binkley
Ben Hines
Stacy Hines
Kelley Dougherty
Kathleen McCafferty
Jennifer Hansen Rolli
Christine Sciarrotta
Nicole Steadman
Christine Junker
Elizabeth Furman
Cristina Burkett
Christina Burkett
Jennifer Klemmer
Rick Mazzafro
Jean Bohr
Danielle Tomlinson
Meghan Berkis
Jean Laino
Dane Laino
Jennifer Sremanak
Barbara Nelson
Nicole Hinderberger
Susan Karr
Katherine Borish
Nancy McKittrick
Sam Daversa
Wayne Heacock
Sylvie Brien
Ann Dimeo
Doreen Venneri
Kristin Santiago
Anonymous $150.00
Doug Levin
David Young
Newtown Beachy Book Club $550.00
AL4L Tennis Benefit $1500.00
joe and lorraine poluhovich $100.00
Helen May Gracie David Bittvrr $200.00
Bea Sampedro $200.00
Mrs. Ellie Hood $100.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Lou & Lee Fancher
Anonymous $990.00
Ms. Jane Dovan $100.00
Recent donations
Top donors (256 donations)
WSFS Bank $10000.00
Eine Liebe fürs Leben Oktoberfest $6278.00
Groundswell Design Group $2500.00
Temperance House This amount includes donations indented below $2100.00
   Temperance House    $1100.00
Allan and Laurie Samuels
Christine Sciarrotta This amount includes donations indented below
   Cheryl Spais    $100.00
   McCann Family    $100.00
   Dawn Ruggiero
   Joy Roman    $100.00
   Peter Pazdrowski
   Carol Begley
   The Klouda Family
   Toll Brothers    $1000.00
A Love for Life

Anne Marie + Christine
Join Us.
We are dedicated to finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. We celebrate Life & Fun & Adventure while raising money for this important cause. We are grateful for any amount you may wish to give. If you shop on AMAZON, take a moment to choose A Love for Life as your charity partner upon check out- we will receive a percentage of your purchase. Should you wish to consider corporate sponsorship, contact Christine Edmonds at
Give Credit.
If you are donating in honor of a friend or family member who has been affected by cancer please let us know. When you make a donation please select his/her name with the FIND A PERSON link and include any encouraging message that you would like to add. You will receive a letter a week later with all tax info-100% of your donation is tax deductible.
We have different fundraising events all year round: yoga classes, wine-tastings, dinner parties, back yard bonfires and silent auctions. We have a full line of A Love for Life t-shirts/hats/ties/magnets/organic teas/custom jewelry/scarves and other gear. If you know someone who has pancreatic cancer, or has a family member or friend struggling with this disease, please tell them about our group. If you are on Facebook, LIKE our page and you will always know what we are up to.
Make a Difference.
Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. There are over 44,000 new cases each year, and few standard treatment options.The five-year survival rate is only 6%, making it the deadliest cancer. There are still no early detection tools that are effective in finding pancreatic cancer in its early stages. We want to help fund research that will help change these statistics, and offer hope to those who are affected by this disease.
  • donate ANY amount
  • 100% tax deductible and every single dollar you donate will help unlock new treatment options
  • visit us on race day!
  • LIKE us on Facebook
  • Researchers at the Abramson Cancer center are pioneers in developing groundbreaking approaches to defeating pancreatic cancer.
Donation messages
On behalf of Catie and Chloe Gumbs Lemonade Stands Summer 2019 --Mrs. Allison Gumbs
With much love Xoxo --Temperance House
Superbowl Donation! Thank you to all who participated!!!! --Mrs. Heather Lewis
Run happy and fast!!!! --Mrs. Gina Mancini
Ois Guade zum Geburdsdog, Mary Trinkl Sweeney! --Mary Ann Nolan
In honor of Colin Brasg. --Allan and Laurie Samuels
In memory of my sweet aunt and godmother 10.15.19. --Kathy Alix
In loving memory of Kevin and in celebration of the joy his family continues to share. --Chris & Michelle Amazeen
In Memory of Nora and Kevin Edmonds. Your light still lives on. --Ms. Joanne Coughlan
Thank you Christine for your dedication --Mrs. Susan Longsdorf
Thank you Christine and AL4L for all you do --Rose and Bucky
Fighting Pancreatic Cancer as a family for Christine! --Denise Kramp
In memory of Mel Librach. I miss you Dad - I love you. --Erica Librach
This is for Jenny's Cow. I picked it up at her house. Thank you --Anne & Don
In memory of my sister Suzanne Joseph Segalla and my Father, who embraced life. Miss you so much. --Ms. Donna Joseph
In loving memory of a woman for whom EVERY day was Giving Tuesday, Mary Trinkl Sweeney. --Mary Ann Nolan
#NCLCBGives --The Novello Family
In Memory of Tina Tunney --Ann Marie & Terry Horner
Honoring the memory of Alan Smith and the work of ALFL --Dee Smith-Johns
On behalf of Athleta State St --Miss Sarah Uberman
In loving memory of Mary Sweeney --Bob & Rossen
Sending love and thanks to all the amazing people and extraordinary work of A Love For Life. --The Cain Fmily
Hope for the future! --Andy & Christa Brandon
Good Luck to Andrea in NYC Marathon! --Ms. Mary Ann Nolan
Good Luck Andrea running in the NYC Marathon, --Mr. Christopher Edmonds
In honor of John J Fitzsimmons, loving father to Anne Marie Hughes --susanne & John Svizeny
In memory of John J. Fitzsimmons --Joe and Kristin Braun
In memory of John "FITZ" Fitzsimmons, and in honor of his family --Julie and Whit Beverly
In Memory of John J. Fitzsimmons --Chuck and Marybeth Alpuche and family
Great cause and good luck --Sandy & Doug
Thank you John W. Connors and Dr. Robert Fomalont for the contributions! --Mrs. Lisa Connors
Temperance House loves supporting your cause. Thank you for letting us be a part of it and everyway, Xoxo Thank you --Temperance House
Go Colette! Let's beat cancer together! --Mrs. Donna Mulvaney
Great job, Colette! --Amy and Tom Gallagher
Great job for a great cause, Lisa and fellow paddlers! --Dede & Peter Horowicz
Good luck paddlers! Thank you and all the researchers for your good work. --Wallack
Great work everyone! --Joanne Boyle
Good luck with the race!! --Hannah Stubbs
Good luck ladies!!!! Great cause!!! --Sue Sabogal
A wonderful cause. Thanks for doing this. --Surround Cycle
Good luck SurroundCycle and A Love for Life Teams! --Helene Winston
Best of Luck with the Race! --Mrs. Rebecca Owens
In loving memory of Joan Scott --Bob and Sara Mirales
Best of luck racing -- you got this, Miss M! --Mrs. Teresa Solomon
Supporting Chrissy Moody A Love For Life 1 --Mr. Taek-Soo Chang
Row Nancy. Row --Paul McKittrick
What a wonderful thing you are doing --Natalie Witoshkin
Dragon race to a cure! --Dan & Pam Donohoe
Good luck! What a wonderful thing you are doing! XOXO --Vicki Buzan
What a great cause. I hope you have a blast doing good for others. xoxo --Jen and Rich Fox
Good luck ladies! --Alex Grigos
Thank you Christine for honoring Debbie and keeping her memory alive. We love you Deb! --McCann Family
Cheering you on for a good cause, along with Dan! Love, MIMI --Jane Cohen
Cheering you on for a great cause! Love, MOM --Daniel Cohen
In memory of Tom and Mary Cush --Alison Nelson
Prayers that the funds help find a cure! --Melanie Dinkins
Good luck, Colette! --Suzanne Colati
Good luck Waldman Warriors --Radcliff Family
Good luck! --Nolan Family
Happy to contribute! --Chris Jeffries
The Scurlocks hosted yet another fabulous's the total as of 9/15/19! --Eine Liebe fürs Leben Oktoberfest
Happy to be part of A Love for Life! --Groundswell Design Group
Amelia's Lemonade stand earnings- in Support of AL4L --Binkley Family
we're all touched by this in some way. thanks for making strides to make change. --The Cleary Family
This is to go towards the Cow Print --Jeanie & Jim Sinz
Looking forward to Oktoberfest --Simone Realty, Inc.
Paddle hard Barb! --Blair Greiner
You go, girl!!! Beat PanCan! --FosSto5
In memory of Debbie Adams who is always on my mind and in my heart. --Dawn Ruggiero
You go ... Daniel J and Jane Michel...row that dragon boat! --Michael & Judy Smith
In memory of Debbie Adams --Peter Pazdrowski
In honor of Debbie Adams. We love and miss you. --Lauren Meyer
We miss you, Debbie! Gone but not forgotten. --Ms. Alicia Rapp
In memory of Debbie Adams - gone too soon, but never forgotten. --Carol Begley
In memory of Debbie Adams --Chuck White
Remembering our dear friend Debbie Adams, taken too soon on 4/17/19. --The Klouda Family
Good luck Rick! --Katy and Eric Bursack
In honor of life and our good friend Kevin Edmonds. --Magda Mazzafro's
In memory of my brother, Jack DeWitt, died 1988 at age 50. --Emily Grace
Suzanne, Your passion for family never ended. I will always miss your laughter and smile. --Donna Joseph
In memory of our dear colleague and friend, Debbie Adams. --Toll Brothers
Donating in honor of Nora and Kevin Edmonds..... we miss you both! --Wonderful Machine
In honor of Adrienne's Dad, Kevin Edmonds. --Solebury School
cheers to Kevin Edmonds! --T & T Tree Service
In honor of Kevin Edmonds- we are happy to sponsor your teams! --Quantum Learning
To our dearly departed Suzanne Segalla. We all miss you dearly! You never leave our hearts and minds. The whole Segalla/Joseph family wants to see an end to this horrible disease that so cruelly stole our beautiful and loving Suzanne from all of us. We hope that research into this disease will offer some hope to those people who suffering from this terrible cancer! Thanks Denise for rowing for Suzanne! --Suzanne J Segalla
In loving memory of my beautiful sister, Suz. We will never forget you. --Mary and Larry Swyer
For my daughter, Suzanne Joseph Segalla. Thank You, Denise Joseph, always a Sweetheart! --Suzanne Joseph segalla
For Suzanne 'Bakuna,' Let's get a coffee' Segalla --Michele Joseph
In loving memory of Suzanne Segalla - Dennis & Carol Sherack --Sherack
In honor of Suzanne Joseph Segalla. Thank you, Denise Joseph & Team for all you are doing to raise awareness and funds for a cure. --The Michael Family
In honor of Suzanne Joseph Segalla --Denise Joseph
Cheers to AL4L! --Anonymus
In honor of a dear colleague,Debbie Adams, who lost her battle In April of 2019. --Ms. Kira Sterling
Proud to Sponsor A Love for Life- we love our Newtown Community! --WSFS Bank
In honor of Rally Social Sports 2019 Spring NJ Volleyball Champions, Team Don't Be A Dink (captains Jim & Christy Benes). They donated their championship win to A Love For Life Foundation. --Anunciacao
In loving memory of Mary Sweeney. --Newtown Beachy Book Club
Online donations from our March 2019 event at Pennsbury Racquet Club --AL4L Tennis Benefit
In Memory of Dave Bittner --joe and lorraine poluhovich
In memory of David Bittner --Bea Sampedro
Supporting All your efforts! --Lou & Lee Fancher
In memory of April Hatch who fought the good fight with pancreatic cancer and is now in Heaven with her loved ones. Also, always remembering Kevin Edmonds who bravely had many treatments hoping to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. Love to both of their families. --Ms. Jane Dovan

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