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Christmas Gifts in name of NYL Managing Partner, Managers, Staff and Zone Consultants $500.00
Steve Bershad $500.00
Camp Erin Philadelphia: Campaign for Caring

Camp Erin Philadelphia
Grief...It is that truly horrible five letter word that is so frequently synonymous with the loss or the death of a loved one. We as adults have already experienced and dealt with this type of loss at some point in our lives. But what about a child? How do they experience grief? What does it look like? How do you as the adult begin to describe the heartache you see in a child's eyes after a loved one is no longer with them? More importantly, how do you provide support and counseling to a child that has experienced this type grief and becomes lost within their own world?
The Moyer Foundation, a public, 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2000 by World Series champion pitcher, Jamie Moyer and his wife, Karen. The Foundation's mission is to empower children in distress by providing education, support and helping them to live healthy and inspired lives. Created in 2002, The Moyer Foundation created Camp Erin, A FREE bereavement camp designed specifically to provide both grief education and emotional support to children and teens that have been affected by the loss of someone close to them.
Penn Wissahickon Hospice, also a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, partnered with The Moyer Foundation to establish Camp Erin Philadelphia, to support the kids in the area who have experienced a loss. Since its inception in 2007, Camp Erin Philadelphia has provided support to over 876 children and teens that have experienced and endured the pain of losing a loved one.
The Magic of Camp Erin Philadelphia
What is important to note is that today Camp Erin Philadelphia is apart of the largest network of free bereavement camps offered throughout the United States and Canada. That said, Camp Erin Philadelphia is so much more than just a free bereavement camp. It is a caring and safe environment that provides a child with the opportunity to unleash a variety of negative emotions they are feeling as the result of losing a loved one. It is a place where smiles can be seen, cries are heard, social stereotypes are broken down and forever friendships are formed. Lastly it is a place where a child will begin to realize that they are no longer alone in the grief they are experiencing.
Why Become a Virtual Volunteer?
Even though Camp Erin is free to all children and teens that attend this weekend bereavement camp; it does not mean that Camp Erin in essence is free. In truth, the cost for ONE child to attend this weekend is $705.00. Therefore, in order to continue our mission of helping children in distress, we rely solely on monetary support from both public and private donations. Your online donation (100% tax deductible) to our Camp Erin Philadelphia: Campaign for Caring. It is not only a genuine reflection of your compassion and commitment to assisting the emotional and physical well being of a child that has been affected by the loss of a loved one, it is your opportunity to save a life.
What will Your Online Donation Provide?
Camp Erin is the largest network of FREE bereavement camps for children and teens from the ages of 6-17 in the United States and Canada. The Moyer Foundation and Penn Wissahickon Hospice are truly honored to be able to provide this one of a kind program to all children living in distress. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your choice to support our Camp Erin Philadelphia: Campaign for Caring. Your online donation will help ensure the continuation of this program for years to come. A letter of appreciation will be mailed to you upon receiving your donation! Thank you again!
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Norene, Katie & Joe Miller --Ms. NORENE MILLER
We wish the best to the Camp Erin charity on a great year...from your friends at The Neat Company --The Neat Company
my daughter is a volunteer at the Camp Erin Philadelphia weekend and feels so strongly in the success of its mission. --Brian Mahoney
In honor of Dominic L. Coyle ... We miss you and love you so much --Anthony F. Morelli, Jr.
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