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Team CADASIL 2019 Million Dollar Bike Ride

Team CADASIL is participating in the Million Dollar Bike Ride for the first time!
cureCADASIL has partnered with Penn Medicine Orphan Disease Center to participate in the Million Dollar Bike Ride! In four years, the Million Dollar Bike Ride's 25+ teams have raised over $6.4 million to fund research grants on the rare diseases they represent.  The Orphan Disease Center ensures that 100% of the funds raised goes towards these pilot grants, with no overhead taken out.

All donations to Team CADASIL will be matched, up to $30,000, by UPenn Orphan Disease Center to fund a new research grant for CADASIL. This opportunity could bring an astonishing $60,000 for CADASIL specific research grant with your help.

We need your support in 1 of 3 ways:
- Contribute to Team CADASIL by making a donation
- Register now to ride on June 8 in Philadelphia and start your own Giving Page
- Register as a virtual rider and start your own Giving Page

Our timeline is short to reach our overall goal of raising a minimum of $20,000 by June. Support Team CADASIL and share this link with friends and family and through social media. Donate $5, $10, $25 - every gift matters! Or start your own Giving Page!

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Then create a Penn Giving Page, where people can see your story of why you have chosen to ride and donate to your cause.
If you are unable to be a rider, you can still participate! You can be a "virtual rider" for Team CADASIL and create a giving page that will support the same CADASIL fund at UPenn for CADASIL research.

For directions on how to create a personalized Giving Page, please visit

Choose "Fundraising", then "How to create a Penn Giving page", then choose CADASIL. Please contact Nancy Maurer at if you have any questions.
What is CADASIL?
CADASIL is a rare, autosomal dominant genetic disorder caused by a mutation of the NOTCH3 gene on the 19th chromosome. Hallmark symptoms of CADASIL may include: recurrent strokes, cognitive impairment, migraine with aura, and psychiatric disturbances. These symptoms are caused by damage to small blood vessels, especially those within the brain. The specific symptoms and severity of the disorder can vary greatly among affected individuals, even among members of the same family. Despite this variability, most individuals (approximately three out of four patients) experience recurrent stroke or transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), beginning at 40-50 years of age. CADASIL affects all races and both genders equally, each child of a parent with CADASIL has a 50% chance of having the disorder.

CADASIL is an acronym that stands for:
(C)erebral - relating to the brain
(A)utosomal (D)ominant - a form of inheritance in which one copy of an abnormal gene is necessary for the development of a disorder
(A)rteriopathy - disease of the arteries (blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart)
(S)ubcortical - relating to specific areas of the brain supplied by deep small blood vessels
(I)nfarcts - tissue loss in the brain caused by lack of blood flow to the brain, which occurs when circulation through the small arteries is severely reduced or interrupted
(L)eukoencephalopathy - lesions in the brain white matter caused by the disease and observed on MRI.

The diagnostic test for CADASIL was discovered in the early 2000s. Many individuals have been misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and other neurologic disorders.
Why We Need You!
The Penn Medicine Center for Orphan Disease Research hosts this event to raise money for research in rare diseases such as CADASIL, and they will MATCH EVERY DOLLAR DONATED!! (up to $30,000) Please consider donating to our cause and being a part of transformative research. 100% of your donation will go towards a new CADASIL research grant through UPenn!
  • Dominant rare disease impacting multiple generations of those diagnosed
  • Partnership with cureCADASIL Non-profit Organization
  • Support someone with CADASIL that you love
  • Rare diseases impact more people than cancer
  • 100% of your donation is tax-deductible
  • Give some amazing families hope
  • Support of one person can and does make a difference

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