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"Fireflies" as performed by the 2023 Camp Band
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Ms. Barbara McGrath
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Support the 2024 Penn Band Summer Music Camp!

Our Vision and Goal
Our Goal is to raise $6,000 to bring students to this year's camp!

We are working to make 'The Penn Band Experience' ( found at our annual high school summer music camp ( available to the students of the City of Philadelphia.

Email Kushol Gupta ( with questions about this program and effort.

COI Policy: Families with students within two years of age for undergraduate admissions, or staff members and their families are asked to limit their philanthropic gifts to $125 or less, total.
The Students
Musicopia's mission is to provide opportunities for children to experience, learn, perform, and appreciate music. They focus on serving students and schools that lack adequate music programs or are cut off from the region's rich cultural life.

Students from Musicopia-affiliated programs at the school participate in music programs during the academic year but do not have the resources to continue their instruction and practicing over the summer. They are eager musicians who work diligently throughout the year and would benefit enormously from the chance to continue to learn and perform at the Penn Band summer camp. Exposure to a college program also would give them the opportunity to see how far their musical talents can take them.
"After 3 years of coming to Penn Band Camp, I can honestly say every year it is one of the best weeks of my summer. I have made so many friends that have made an impact on me and camp is a great opportunity to meet people from all different places, from philly to California. The fun music is what makes this band camp different from many others, in that we play genres from pop to opera. Other than the music and rehearsals, there's always some fun activity planned to look forward to every day (Franklin field night is my personal favorite). All in all, Penn Band Camp is an amazing experience and really allows students make friends, get creative, and just have fun!!"

Brooke S. - Camper

"The Penn Band Summer Camp gave was one of the highlights of my summer! Not only did the camp challenge me as a player, but I also made new, lasting friendships from bonding over a common passion."

Lizzie B. - Camper

"Going To Upenn band camp was an amazing experience. I learned that there are a lot of people who have the same passion for music as I do. The band mates there were pretty cool, too! The Upenn band camp experience motivated me to really want to go to college for something I like, and become a professional in and teach people how to play drums."

Cristerfer A, Past Camper

"Hi I'm my name is Ilian, and I wanted to say how awesome the Penn Band Camp was for me. The experience I had for that week was really great. I got to experience meeting new people, socializing, and learning how to become more responsible. I can't express how much more responsible this Camp made me, and taught me how to become more independent. I became friends with people that I didn't even know! However, the Penn Band Camp didn't just teach me how to become a better person, but it also made me become better at reading music without needing to write the letter of each note on top of it. I became better with my tempo on how to come on time. Furthermore, my favorite thing that I became better as was playing higher notes than I originally could! To conclude, I enjoyed the experience the Penn Band Camp had, and I hope I can do it again."

Ilian J, Past Camper
What your contributions will help us accomplish
Even just a few dollars can go a long way in helping us reach our goal! Some examples of what it costs to bring a student to camp are shown below:
  • A lunch at Houston Hall Cafeteria
  • A T-shirt
  • A new piece of band music
  • A bus for transportation to performance
  • A camp pizza party
  • $15
  • $15
  • $90
  • $850
  • $150
Donation messages
Here's to another great year! --McGrath/Chen

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