Million Dollar Bike Ride - Snyder-Robinson Syndrome
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Mr. Nigel Paice $200.00
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Paul and Kathy Napoli Charitable Fund $5000.00
Jeanne and John Scott $500.00
Mom and Dad $250.00
Mr. Nigel Paice $200.00
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Michael Napoli Charitable Fund
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Cooper's Big Adventure- Go team SRS!

Snyder-RobinsonSyndrom (SRS) is a rare genetic condition. SRS is an x-linked Intellectual Disability that affects only males. SRS is characterized by intellectual disability, seizure disorders, muscle and bone abnormalities,developmental delays, and a host of other medical problems. There are fewer than 150 cases diagnosed worldwide. In August of 2019 Cooper joined this very rare group of gentleman.
Cooper and his journey with Snyder-Robinson Syndrome
August 2, 2019 -Cooper received the diagnosis of an extremely rare disorder, Snyder-Robinson Syndrome. However, Coop has always been special to us. He has faced every challenge, and there are many, with a strong sense of determination and a contagious smile. Cooper has been working with physicians, physical, occupational,speech therapists and the most amazing teachers in the world for the past 13 years. He has been extremely lucky to receive so much support and encouragement. However, we see August 2 as not the finish line in his journey . We see it as the starting line. The starting line to finding medical supports and treatments for all the boys that are facing SRS.
Thank you for the support!
Cooper thanks you all and is looking forward to reaching his goal in June.
Anyone that knows him knows that his tenacity is part of his charm. So, we have no doubt that he will love every mile of his adventure!
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Million Dollar Bike
06/12/2021 10:00 AM
Cooper is riding with others to raise money for Snyder-Robinson research.
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Donation messages
Cooper - thanks for all your efforts to support SRS. You are amazing and must be very proud of the great work you are doing. Best of luck in all you do. --Mr. Nigel Paice
We are so proud of you Cooper...You can do anything you set your mind to. You are an inspiration to us all. We love you!! - M,M&R --Mary, Matt & Regan
In Honor of Cooper Scott's participation in the 100 mile bicycle challenge. --Jeanne and John Scott
In Honor of Cooper Scott! --Paul and Kathy Napoli Charitable Fund
Cooper Scott team --Richard Cavicchio
You are amazing Coop! Love you! --Katie Girl
Go Cooper! You are awesome! I am so proud of you! --Tucker Scott
Cooper, We are so proud of you! --Mom and Dad

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