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Support COVID-19 Research on the Impact of High Blood Pressure and Medications

The disease caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, is an infection that leads to a respiratory illness that can be spread from person to person. In adults with chronic medical conditions such as heart disease, the risk of getting pneumonia and hospitalization increases. For patients with high blood pressure, the impact of high blood pressure medications is unknown. Some of the commonly used medications used to treat people with high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney disease, may impact the disease course of COVID-19, but we urgently need proper trials to better guide our treatment of the growing population of patients with COVID-19 who are taking these medications.

The Randomized Elimination or ProLongation of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers in Coronavirus Disease 2019 (REPLACE COVID trial) seeks to understand whether ACE inhibitors (ACEI) or Angiotensin Receptor Blockers (ARBs), which are commonly used medications, improve or worsen the risk of negative outcomes from COVID-19.
Improve the Course of Treatment for Patients with High Blood Pressure
As a large academic health system and a national leader with deep experience caring for patients with diseases of all kinds, Penn Medicine is always at the ready to respond to global public health issues. The REPLACE COVID Trial aims to uncover the impact that high blood pressure and ACEIs or ARBs may or may not have on people who contract COVID-19 and to ultimately inform the course of treatment for patients with high blood pressure.

Penn Medicine's reputation for world-class, cutting edge research is unmatched. Philanthropy supports immediate targeted new research projects and brings us closer to finding cures, enhancing treatments, and advancing patient care.
How You Can Help
Your gift means Penn Medicine can accelerate research that will have an immediate impact on the pandemic. Support for the REPLACE COVID Trial will expedite this paramount research and ensure that results can be applied as soon as possible by adding new enrollment sites, shortening the time to completion of the trial. Every day counts and each donation makes a difference.

For more information, please contact Abby Addy at 267-648-0820 or
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Thank you to all the researchers working to solve the mysteries of this tragic disease. --Ms. Sally Carroll
Thank you for your tireless dedication and continued amazing work! We all appreciate it! --Cooper Glassberg
These medicines are something that many of us will likely use in the future and we all surely know a dear person that is on them already. Very interested in knowing what the results are. Keep up the good work! --Karla Absi
My dad is on one of these medications -- this is such an important study -- thank you for doing it! --Ross Bierbryer
I am so excited to be the first donor for this campaign. We need to complete this trial as soon as possible, to generate the evidence needed to help treat the many people who will be admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 and are taking these common medications. We are committed to getting the answer to this important question as soon as possible. We need to expand our study, so that we can complete it sooner. Every day counts! --Julio Chirinos
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