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The video above is a sketch from one of our recent shows! Check it out, and check out our other videos on YouTube at the Bloomers Comedy page.
Fundraising goal $10,000.00
Recent donations (33 donations)
Name DescendingX Amount
MR. G--Mia's Coach
Sarah and Tom Janover
Dr. Elissa Brill Pashkin $100.00
Ms. Deborah Brown
Marisa Brau
Recent donations
Top donors (33 donations)
Colleen Christian and Courtland Schmidt $1500.00
Cathy Kelleher
Sarah and Tom Janover
Celebrate Bloomers!

Penn's Premier all-female musical sketch comedy troupe
Bloomers was the first female performing arts group in the Ivy League, and the first female collegiate comedy group in the country when it got started in 1978. Almost 40 years later, Bloomers is stronger than everwith an incredible undergraduate and alumnae base of strong, funny women. From shows each semester at Penn, to yearly tours to NYC, to our brand-new women in comedy festival, LaughtHERfest, our troupe stays dedicated to making people laugh!
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Our alumnae, family, and friends help Bloomers thrive, and we hope you'll not only donate below, but share your stories! Do you have a funny anecdote about Bloomers, or a message that you want to share with us? Please post it below to make this page a social site for the large community that loves and supports Bloomers Comedy.
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Bloomers has a variety of websites and digital platforms that we use to showcase our work. If you want to stay updated on all things Bloomers, check out our website,
Check out LaughtHERfest on our web page at
Check out the Bloomers Alumnae Association
Check out our most recent performances up on YouTube at
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Bloomers is growing, and we need your support!
As we continue to grow, Bloomers needs support beyond the $3000 we get from the Student Activities Council every year. That just about covers costs for our shows on campus. But we want to expand our off-campus tours as well as LaughtHERfest. Can you help? We know we can't achieve all of the items below in a year, but with your support we hope to be able to work toward these goals!

Some items that donations will help to fund include:
  • Larger Tour Venues ($5000)
  • West Coast Tours ($20,000)
  • Making Tour Affordable for all Bloomers ($1000)
  • Microphones for Bloomers ($4000)
  • LaughtHERfest Talent ($20,000)
  • Helping student groups attend LaughtHERfest ($1000)
  • Promoting LaughtHERfest ($500)
Donation messages
So proud of Mia! Who would've thought that all of your sarcastic antics would land you in comedy writing. Congrats and keep up the good work. --MR. G--Mia's Coach
Can't wait to see the show on October 20th! First time back to Penn in a long time... --Dr. Elissa Brill Pashkin
XOXO Give 'em TIT! --Marisa Brau
Extremely proud to see how this has grown since LaughtHERfest was just a kernel of an idea to bring amazing comedians who happen to be women center stage. No more line-ups where 1 out of every 10 performers is a woman. Keep filling stages, panels + the rooms in Platt with your brilliant, sharp + poignant voices, and give 'em tit! --Ms. Laura Petro
Delighted to be a LaughtHERfest patron from year 1 and on the panel year 2! Keep on cracking jokes and breaking ceilings! And if you want a laugh, check this out: with love, Linda --Linda Falcao, Esq.

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