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  Playing the drums that were made at an event with percussionist Josh Robinson.  
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Jenny B
Joy Bullard-Moore
Lydia + Veleta...strong RNs!! $20.00
Mrs. Andrea Lurie's Lab IS colleagues at Penn Medicine $150.00
Matt Buzzard
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Mrs. Andrea Lurie This amount includes donations indented below $270.00
   Mrs. Andrea Lurie's Lab IS colleagues at Penn Medicine    $150.00
Mrs. Andrea Lurie's Lab IS colleagues at Penn Medicine $150.00
Allison Nelson and Jonathan Meyers
Jenny B
Grief Reach: Rediscovering Family, Rediscovering Fun

The loss of loved one, or a significant family member, is often a game changer for young families. The process of grieving is unique to each member of a family but has an overall impact on the functioning of the family unit. The losses are many and families often struggle with reconnecting to the world and each other.
Grief Reach: rediscovering family, rediscovering fun is a program targeted for young families who are on that journey of discovering the new "normal" for their family. Participants are families who are in their second and third years of adjustment to the loss. The bereavement program, developed by Penn Wissahickon Hospice, is completely dependent on donations to continue to operate. The goal of the program is to create a safe environment for families to share in activities that encourage reconnection and opportunities to create new memories as a family. The program provides an environment to engage in creativity, adventure, and fun while remembering their loved one.
The quarterly Grief Reach family events are offered to grieving families free of charge. While the cost of each event averages at $300.00 per family, the program is committed to continuing to offer programming at no charge to grieving families. The success of Grief Reach, and the future of this innovative program to support families in distress, will depend upon the generous support of our community partners, partners like you. Your contribution will help rebuild families, decrease isolation amongst grieving families, and support families through a very difficult time.
Donation messages
Thank you to the Child Bereavement Team! --Lydia + Veleta...strong RNs!!
In loving memory of Andrea Lurie's mother. --Mrs. Andrea Lurie's Lab IS colleagues at Penn Medicine
In loving memory of Andrea Lurie's mother. --Matt Buzzard
In honor and appreciation to Jenny S., Love, Riordan --Stacey and Aaron Freiwald, Riordan W.
We Care change jar collection in IT Offices --Mrs. Andrea Lurie

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