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What is Snyder-Robinson Syndrome?
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Snyder-Robinson Syndrome
Snyder-Robinson Syndrome (SRS) is a very rare genetic disorder. SRS causes intellectual disability, seizure disorders, hypotonia, osteoporosis, and other medical problems. Some SRS patients can't walk or talk. Its effects can be devastating. But we're very hopeful that we'll soon develop treatments for SRS that will help our loved ones who struggle with this disease - with the help of our brilliant researchers and generous donors!

Previous MDBR Grants for SRS Research
Our last three Million Dollar Bike Rides raised over $300,000 and funded the following six research grants awarded to top scientists at these leading institutions! Thank you for making this possible!!!

1) Self-immolating NanoSpermine as a novel treatment approach to restore normal spermine/spermidine ratios in SRS models - Robert Casero, PhD; John Hopkins University School of Medicine

2) Skeletal stem cells to treat the bone defects of patients with SRS -
Fernando Fierro, PhD; University of California, Davis

3) Modelling osteogenesis of SRS patients by targeting Spermine Synthase using CRISPR/Cas9 in human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells - Fernando Fierro, PhD; University of California, Davis

4) Mechanisms of mitochondrial toxicity in SRS - Grace Zhai, PhD; University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

5) Role of mitochondria and ROS in etiology of SRS - Charles Schwartz, PhD; Greenwood Genetic Center

6) Expanding the Breadth of Metabolite Analysis for SRS - Tim Wood, PhD; Greenwood Genetic Center
100% of donations are used to fund scientific & medical research
Your donation will go directly to fund important research into SRS that has the promise to improve the quality of life of SRS patients, and to try to shed light on a number of more common diseases - and the Penn Medicine's Million Dollar Bike Ride will match your donation!

For more information about the Million Dollar Bike Ride, please see the Penn Medicine Orphan Disease Center's website at

To learn more about the Snyder-Robinson Foundation, please visit our website at:

To ride with our team, please contact Michael Raymond at

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