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Anastasia's Cranes - the Anastasia Lyalenko Memorial Fund
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The Anastasia Lyalenko Memorial Fund

Anastasia's story
Anastasia was an incredibly bright, talented, and compassionate individual. She started her undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania in 2010, where she excelled in her required pre-medical school classes. She described her passion for medicine as a way to combine her intellectual interest in the sciences and her desire to interact with and help others. Anastasia was interested in neurology, psychiatry, and women's health. She graduated from Penn with honors in 2014, with a major in the Biological Basis of Behavior. She was in the process of applying to medical school when she passed away at the age of 22 from complications related to viral myocarditis.

Friends described Anastasia as brilliant, vivacious, beautiful and self-sufficient. She will always be remembered for her remarkable life, fighting spirit, and tremendous impact on all she met.
Purpose of the fund
The purpose of this fund is to honor Anastasia's wish to attend medical school, as well as her commitment to encouraging women to participate in the sciences. The fund will support the Focus Section for Women Residents and Fellows ( at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, supporting women who wish to advance in the field of medicine. In the future, we hope that enough money will be raised so that a yearly award in Anastasia's name may be given to this deserving program in support of women advancing their careers in medicine.
The Daily Pennsylvanian -

Memories of Anastasia -

34th Street Magazine, written by Anastasia -
At a Glance
  • Support women in medicine and science
  • Raise awareness for viral myocarditis
  • Honor Anastasia's memory
  • Pass on the legacy of a promising medical student
Donation messages
Always in our memories --Dr. Paul Wanda
I remember meeting Anastasia during my first visit to the Psychology department at Penn. She was incredibly welcoming and energetic about her work. It was a pleasure working with her as part of our team. Her energy and spirit are still missed even a year later. I pray that her spirit and memory will continue to guide our work and the women that are supported by this fund! --Dr. Cory Inman
In memory of an incredibly intelligent, loyal, strong, and loving partner and best friend. Thinking of you always. --Colleen Kase
Still thinking of you. --Ms. Deb Levy
Having known her briefly I am surprised to have felt such a profound loss upon learning of her passing. It is a testament to her dedication, courage, and integrity and indeed these reflected sentiments are really an echo of those made by many others. She will be missed by many. --Dr. Brent Berry

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