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Mind Your Brain @ Penn Medicine is a conference for brain injury survivors, families and caregivers to connect to resources and information that can help on the journey to recovery.
Mind Your Brain @ Penn Medicine Conference

Why Mind Your Brain?
Brain injuries occur at an alarming rate. In 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control, traumatic brain injuries accounted for about 2.5 million emergency department (ED) visits, hospitalizations, or deaths in the United States, either alone or in combination with other injuries. Despite the prevalence of these injuries and the variety of impacts on survivors, there is hope, largely thanks to the exciting, groundbreaking research at the Penn Center for Brain Injury and Repair (CBIR) at the University of Pennsylvania, and other programs at Penn Medicine.

Candace Gantt, a TBI survivor, founded the Mind Your Brain Conference with the goal of providing outreach to the brain injury community and connecting survivors and their families to the appropriate resources for every part of their recovery. By reuniting patients with their physicians, offering opportunities to talk with rehabilitative professionals, and creating an environment for patients to share their experiences and challenges, the Mind Your Brain Conference has made a significant impact on the community through its work.
The Mission of the Conference
The mission of the Mind your Brain @ Penn Medicine conference is to enhance, through education, advocacy, support, and research, the quality of life for those affected by brain injury, including patients, survivors, families and caregivers. All affected by brain injury should, and can, have immediate and equal access to services and support to help lead full and meaningful lives.
Supporting the Mind Your Brain Conference
Please consider making a gift in support of our efforts to continue offering this fantastic program at no cost to brain injury survivors. We aim to provide these resources and connections to the brain injury community free of charge, but cannot do so without your help. Thank you for your consideration!

To join us for this year's conference on Saturday, March 30, 2019, please visit www.pennmedicine.org/myb to sign up for our email list to receive an announcement when registration opens.
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