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2017 MBA Class Gift

Empower the changemakers of tomorrow. Contribute to Wharton today.
Tuition only covers half of our Wharton experience. The Class Gift is a Wharton staple that finances our school's cutting-edge programs, core operations, and competitive advantages. Our Wharton experience was made possible by the Wharton Fund. Pay it forward.
I want to pay it forward. Tell me more about my impact!
We are driving for 100%, 2Y participation with a $50 suggested donation. Because the Wharton Fund offers financial flexibility, a Class Gift of $50,000 has the same impact as a $1,000,000 endowment gift. Whatever meaningful gift you can make has a substantial impact on Wharton's ability to enhance student life and maintain the School's preeminence as the premiere business education experience. Let's keep Wharton at the top!
Does everybody give back?
WG16 had 91% participation for their class gift, and Wharton EMBAs have had 100% participation for 11 straight years. Our goal is to hit- at least- 95% participation. Plus, as a little treat, you will receive a Wharton card case and the best nameplate sticker ever! Start the tradition of giving today. #Wharton17Forever

Our suggested giving tiers are below, but any meaningful gift you make will help us ensure a successful campaign!

Giving Tiers:
$50 (Suggested Donation) - BFF: Ben Franklin's Friend
$75 - Cheers 2YD: Cheers To Your Donation!
$100 - Empower-er
$250 - Director's List
Where will my money go?
What won't your money go towards! The Wharton Fund is flexible funding, allowing the School to respond to top priorities. Below is a SHORT list of Wharton Fund sponsored initiatives:
  • 2401 Walnut Street
  • MBA Leadership Ventures
  • Executive Leadership Coaching
  • International learning opportunities (Global Immersion Programs, Global Modular Courses, and global research initiatives)
  • High-tech classrooms, including the new SAIL classroom
  • Wharton's Semester in San Francisco
  • The Wharton Social Impact Initiative and the Small Business Development Center
  • Gender neutral bathrooms and lactation suites in JMHH
  • Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM
  • and much more!
Donate now!
Participation Goal 846 Donors
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Recent donations (753 donations)
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Animesh Agarwal $50.00
Mr. Ali Akbar $5.00
Michel Al-Moumen
Top donors (753 donations)
Miss Christine Onyung
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Mr. Sean Bruno $250.00
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