Million Dollar Bike Ride - Mucopolysaccharidosis
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Fundraising goal $50,000.00
Recent donations (37 donations)
Jessica Todd $20.00
Angela and Luis Guajardo $200.00
Meredith Stone $102.00
Erin Blakeslee $10.00
William Schooley $20.40
Lucy Bickford $51.00
Michael Yard $50.00
Eileen Blakeslee $25.50
James Yard $100.00
Jennifer Colgan $102.00
Erica Thiel $25.50
Mr. James Sowell $1000.00
Sarah Roberts $250.00
Mary Kay McNeil $250.00
Mark and Jeanne Dant $500.00
Top donors (37 donations)
Anonymous $2500.00
Mr. Ryan Dant This amount includes donations indented below $2020.00
   Mr. James Sowell    $1000.00
   Anonymous    $1000.00
Mr. James Sowell $1000.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Jill Viner $1000.00
Steve and Karen Sample $500.00
Alan March $500.00
Carrie Dunn $500.00
Mike Schneider $500.00
2017 Team MPS and Related Diseases - Million Dollar Bike Ride

Meredith Stone for MDBR 2017
Please Help to Make a Difference!
We have received a commitment to match DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR every donation up to $50,000 at this event! The opportunity will bring in an astonishing $100,000 for MPS specific research if we can motivate our contacts to contribute to our goal.

Please make a donation today, and share this link with friends and family and through social media. Our timeline is short, but we can do this together! Donate $5, $10, $20 - every gift is valuable.
Research Funding: National MPS Society & Ryan Foundation
The National MPS Society exists to find cures for MPS and related diseases. Since 1974, the Society has advanced its mission by funding promising research projects, student fellowships, and clinical trials at a number of prestigious university centers throughout the world. Such projects have led to critical breakthroughs in finding treatments for these diseases. The Society collaborates with other LSD patient support groups and family research foundations in funding research and supports periodic technical conferences, allowing researchers to collaborate and discuss their findings, which benefits the larger rare disease community. Although great strides have been made in research, sponsors are urgently needed to accelerate the encouraging research that is bringing therapies - and ultimately the cures - to children and adults with MPS and related diseases.

The Ryan Foundation was founded in 1991 when Mark and Jeanne Dant's only child, three year old Ryan, was diagnosed with Mucopolysaccharidosis I (MPS I). At that time, children with MPS I rarely lived beyond the age of 15. Starting with a bake sale that netted $342, the all-volunteer Foundation grew and to date has distributed millions of dollars of research funding to scientists working on MPS.
The National MPS Society and the Ryan Foundation are partnering together to take advantage of this exciting opportunity to DOUBLE the amount of funds they raise to invest in MPS research. Please join us in this important endeavor by donating towards this event using the Donate Now! Button above and, if possible, by joining in the ride at the event in Philadelphia.

For more information about our missions please visit:
Help Raise Funds for Desperately Needed MPS Research
Those affected by MPS have no cure. There are treatments for some, but more and better treatments are needed! There is no time to lose. Your donation will help fund research in the search for the cures! A little can go a long way - each dollar raised up to $50,000 will be doubled through a matching grant!
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  • Lysosomal Diseases
  • Clinical Trials ongoing
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  • 100% of your donation is tax-deductible
Donation messages
I am donating in honor of Christian Yard and his amazing family. --Jessica Todd
Donating in Honor of our daughter Karina, who has MPS III, for her strength and courage as she fights the disease. --Angela and Luis Guajardo
In honor of all of our MPS families who need cures --Meredith Stone
In honor of Christian Yard "Sending love and hopes for a cure to my little cousin Christian and his awesome family!" --Erin Blakeslee
We love you, Christian!!! --Michael Yard
In honor or Christian Yard, my great nephew. --Eileen Blakeslee
In honor of Christian Yard --James Yard
In honor of Annabelle Bozarth --Jennifer Colgan
"Because research is needed and while there are many great things in the horizon it moves sooooo slooowwllly! Hope everything helps. In honor of all those who've done so much for me." --Erica Thiel
In honor of my friend and cousin...Go Team MPS in 2017! --Sarah Roberts
In honor of my friend...and her family. Go Team MPS! --Mary Kay McNeil
In honor of Ryan and the Ryan Foundation supporters. --Mark and Jeanne Dant
Go Team MPS! I support your efforts and wish you the best! --Mike Schneider
In honor of my friend, Ryan Dant, Go Team MPS! --Alan March
A great event!!! --Anonymous
In loveing memory of Melissa Custer MPS1 --Robert & Elaine Kahns
Keep on fighting Ryan, Mark and Jeanne, you are not fighting alone! --Steve and Karen Sample
Be brave for your loved ones! --Pei Wang
In memory of Shalom Garcia --Patti Dickson
In memory of Clinton and Zachary Szemanski Thanks for your continued fundraising. I so appreciate all your efforts. --Tracy Szemanski
For all the great work Mark Dant and his tireless staff do. And to encourage the great supporters in Coppell, TX., Louisville, KY and Burton Kelsey to donate. --Daniel Kottak
Go Team! Thank you for your efforts! In honor of Jackson and Sydney! --Carrie Dunn
In honor of our amazing MPS and ML families! --Alison Blue
In honor of Jennifer Klein, the sweetest daughter --Terri Klein

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