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Cancer impacts so many of us, either directly or indirectly. Please join us in the fight to end sarcoma.
Who are we?
We are current patients, families, friends, and the medical community involved in the fight against sarcoma. We are dedicated to building a community of support for those in need and working to raise awareness and funds to continue the fight against sarcoma cancers.

Mission Statement: Raise awareness and funding to cure sarcoma.
Where does the funding go?
Every dollar raised supports collaborative research network between the Penn Medicine, Penn Vet, and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). The collective team across these sites are bringing their unique skills and research talents to help children, adults and dogs with sarcoma.
What is sarcoma?
Sarcomas are rare cancers of the bones and soft tissues including muscles, blood vessels, fat, nerves, tendons and other connective tissues. They affect approximately 12,000 people each year in the United States. Bone sarcomas are more common among children, and soft tissue sarcomas are more common in adults. Pet dogs develop spontaneous sarcomas that are similar to human sarcomas.

Treatment requires a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, radiation oncologists, and medical/pediatric oncologists. The Penn Sarcoma Program combines a compassionate team of expert physicians and veterinarians specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of sarcoma with a cutting edge basic and translational research team who are working to identify innovative treatments for this rare disease.
Save the Date For The 8th Annual Steps to Cure Sarcoma!
Sunday, May 22, 2022


If you would like to make a donation to support sarcoma research, please click the "DONATE NOW" button on this page.

To donate by check, please use the address below and make checks payable to the "Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania." Please also include "Steps to Cure Sarcoma" in the check's memo line.

Penn Medicine Development
3535 Market Street, Suite 750
Philadelphia, PA 19104

If you wish to donate via wire transfer or appreciated securities, please contact Karleigh Rose Pettit at 215-898-9931 or
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Thoughts and prayers for Joe Dormans. --Tim, Amy & Cali Dormans
Miss you Lou!! --Mr. Barry Rosenblum
Go Team Ryan! --Mrs. Margaret Baran
Celebrating 6 years NED for Team Ryan! We are so very grateful for the care of Dr. Kristy Weber, Dr. Lee Hartner and the Penn Medicine team! --Mrs. Linda Kennington
GO TEAM SPLAT! --Funchion Family
Good luck to the Dorman's family. --Ingrid & Nathan Eckhart
All our love always Joe and Ray --Joe and Ray
Proud Supporter of Team Meg! Making Strides Everyday! --Lori Ross
In memory of John A. Skrobot Jr. --Team Skrobot
Good luck to all the runners on Sunday especially the many mothers who continue to sacrifice for others and also, my awesome friend Ginetta Ertner! You go girl! --Susan Lersch

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