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Rocky competing in Freestyle at the Skyhoundz World Championships in 2014
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MAD DOG Donation $350.00
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MAD Dogs Rocky Fundraiser $1135.00
MAD DOG Donation $350.00
Anonymous $250.00
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Wayne Ramsay Photography $200.00
Rocky Repko - Canine Cancer Memorial Fund

Rocky was an amazing Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. His smile was ever-present and he had a true love for life.
Why we need your help
Rocky lost his battle with Hemangiosarcoma in January 2018 after a valiant fight. He left us at a far too soon and we miss him dearly. During the last four months of his life, Rocky participated in a clinical study at Penn specific to hemangiosarcoma. While the treatment did not save Rocky, it is our hope that continued support for the research will help other dogs win the battle against this horrible disease.
Why donate to Penn?
I wish I could fully explain how wonderful the experience we had at Penn was. Dr. Mason is an amazing doctor. The care she and the team provided to Rocky was outstanding but the personal interest and communication was what made the difference for me. She was truly concerned and answered any and all of our questions throughout. She was as shocked as we were the day Rocky passed. We thought he was going to be one of the lucky ones but sadly that wasn't meant to be. I believe canine cancer will be beaten one day and that the folks at Penn will be leading the way. If we can help bring that day a little closer with some monetary support, I'm all in.
Important Facts listed below:
Canine cancer in all of its forms is impacting the lives of our canine friends more and more. Research like that done at Penn is vital to producing research to not only effectively treat this disease but to ultimately beat it. Any donation you can provide to this cause will go directly to research programs at Penn like the one Rocky participated in. I can't stress how impressive the programs are and how important finding a cure for canine cancer is to me.
  • Donations go directly to canine cancer
  • Canine cancer in Australian Shepherds is on the rise
  • Any donation (big or small) helps immensely!
  • 100% of your donation is tax-deductible
  • Suggested donations:
  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
Donation messages
Thank you! --MAD DOG Donation
Thank you Mid-Atlantic Disc Doggers for the donations! --Mrs. Angela Zeigler
In memory of my granddog, Sadie Busch. --Charlotte Horn
In memory of our Sadie girl, and Rocky Repko. --Sadie Busch
Thanks to all who helped raise funds at the Disc Dog event on July 21-22, 2018. This is an amazing amount of money and we are so thankful for everyone's help! --MAD Dogs Rocky Fundraiser

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