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Honoring the Life of Jill Smith

In the early hours of December 17, 2023, the world lost the light of Jill Smith. She was unfailingly kind to everyone she met and generous in every way. Beyond heaping homemade jams and canned items into the arms of unsuspecting house guests, or sending a quick text just to say hello, Jill was generous with her time and the knowledge she gained from her own experience with cancer. She was a peer educator in her community, talking to people about the importance of cancer screenings - how these screenings could spare other families the pain her own had been through many times.

In honor of Jill's passion for education and progress in cancer research, we ask that you contribute to this fund. Your donations will support research into glioblastomas and BRCA-related cancers, including early detection, prevention, and treatment of these diseases.
"Confucius says"
Last winter, Jil's daughter Meghan noticed something new in their kitchen, which - if you've spent any time in their home - you know is already filled with trinkets and tokens and words that meant something to Jill. Things that made her roar with laughter or smile quietly to herself.

What Meghan found was a quote, typed in Comic Sans font and hung on the fridge: "Confucius says: We all have two lives. And the second one begins when we realize we only have one."

There's no way to say for certain when Jill realized she has only one life. Hers served up so many moments that would make anyone pause and take stock. At the birth of her only daughter, Meghan; when losing her husband Rodney, or finding love again and building her life with Mike; after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 and, again, in 2005. It could've been one of these moments - or it could've been while strolling the aisles of Costco or floating in the pool with Mozart and a good book. It could've been during the frigid cold of a Bills game or in the kitchen making Christmas cookies with Meghan.

But it doesn't much matter when precisely Jill's second life began, but that she lived it with tremendous love and compassion and joy. When Jill was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor this summer, she told Meghan she was at peace. That her wish was for her remaining time to be days of quality, not quantity. Her family saw to that, making it possible for Jill to experience the life she loved, alongside her family and friends, until her final days.
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On behalf of all of us at SJF Construction Inc., we are sorry for your loss --SJF Construction Inc
In memory of Jill Smith. Rest in Peace. We will miss your kindness, but will always remember the great memories we shared with You, Mike & Megan. Harold & Carol Myers --Mr. Harold & Carol Myers
Miss your lead! --Mt Morris Sportsmans club
For the memory of the lady who kept me organized at FLDDSO and the friend that helped me through my cancer journey. I'll miss those crazy pink hats and continuous laughter! Love and peace Jill. --Barb & Joe McGuire
God bless! We'll miss you --Gary & Fran
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