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20 Years of Project BioEYES!

BioEYES Mission
Operating out of the Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Penn, Project BioEYES is a K-12 science education program that provides hands-on lessons in basic scientific methods, biology, and genetics using live zebrafish. The mission of BioEYES is to foster enthusiasm for science by offering students an opportunity to BECOME the scientists and explore research in their very own classroom!

BioEYES doesn't just challenge students to look at science in fresh and innovative ways; it helps K-12 teachers reimagine their approach to science education through staff-led training and collaborations with Penn researchers and educators. This cooperative, sustainable approach is what makes Project BioEYES so special.

During the weeklong BioEYES experience, students:
---Become a zebrafish scientist to learn the fundamentals of research
---Engage with university educators and volunteers to learn about science and careers
---Raise zebrafish embryos to free-swimming larvae with observable heartbeats
---Record observations and apply reading, writing, and math skills in their own science journal
---Use scientific tools, such as microscopes, Petri dishes, and pipettes
---Feel confident and empowered to present their own data to their peers, teacher, and the BioEYES team
Who We Are
Dr. Jamie Shuda, who serves as the Director of Outreach, Education, and Research at Penn Medicine cofounded Project BioEYES in 2002 with partner Dr. Steven Farber. Dr. Shuda was a Philadelphia elementary school teacher looking for more resources for her science lessons. She met Dr. Farber, a renowned zebrafish researcher, and asked if her students could tour his laboratory (which looked like an aquarium). However, they devised a better idea that would make an even greater impact. Together, they developed science experiments that could be brought directly to classrooms, reaching more young scientists than one school trip could do alone. In the past 20 years, BioEYES has spread beyond Philadelphia to 16 partner sites across the globe, including Baltimore, NYC, St. Louis, and Melbourne, Australia.
20 Years of Success
Guided by the same scientific approach we share with our students and teachers, the BioEYES team prides itself on continuous adaptation and learning. Our leaders rigorously evaluate student outcomes and use these insights to improve program design. We have published peer-reviewed studies finding that BioEYES effectively increases students' content knowledge and produces favorable shifts in students' attitudes in the Journal of STEM Outreach and PLOS (Public Library of Science) Biology. In addition, Drs. Shuda and Farber have been recognized with numerous awards for their work establishing and developing Project BioEYES over the last two decades, including the 2018 Elizabeth W. Jones Award for Excellence by the Genetics Society of America (GSA) for "extraordinary contributions to genetics education" and the 2020 Bruce Alberts Award for Excellence in Science Education from the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) for "sustained and excellent contributions to science education".

For more information, please visit the BioEYES website at:
A gift of $20 brings BioEYES to one young scientist
Project BioEYES represents the scientific community's vision of providing knowledge and resources to those in the university's own backyard and it relies on philanthropic partners to execute its programming. Philanthropy directly funds the BioEYES experience for free in urban schools. There is currently a one-year waitlist for teachers interested in bringing BioEYES to their local classrooms. Your support would allow BioEYES to empower more students to BECOME scientists!

For assistance or to discuss opportunities to support Project BioEYES, please contact Sarah Gilmour at or 215-573-9803.

Where does your donation go?
  • For just $20 ($4 a day!), we can bring a full week of BioEYES to a student
  • For $50, we can buy journals for 25 students to record their observations and data
  • For $100, we can buy 5 mating tanks, where students keep their fish in the classroom
  • For $250, we can train 5 teachers
Donation messages
Funds to be allocated for the use of Philadelphia Students. Thank you. --Josh Leonard
Go fish! --Mike Parmacek & Lisa Gottschalk
This is a wonderful program! My colleague brought it to her classroom a number of times over the years and I always loved peeking in to see what the students were discovering under their microscopes. --Steph Greer
Many thanks to City Tap @ University City for allowing us to host a fundraiser for Project BioEYES! We're so happy to have been able to support BioEYES's mission. --Alpha Omega Epsilon @ Penn
Keep up the great work!!!!! --Daniel DiDonato

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