Million Dollar Bike Ride - LGDA & LMI
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Fundraising goal $40,000.00
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Name DescendingX Amount
The Ferry Family $1000.00
LGDA-Europe $55181.00
Dr. Brown $100.00
Judy and Ralph Thompson $200.00
The Brown Family $100.00
Gary and Susan Mudd $250.00
Moler family $200.00
Jennifer & Michael Gilbert $100.00
Dr. michael kelly $1000.00
Declan Delaney Fan $500.00
Papastamoulis grigorios $20.00
Michael and Matthew Prokopowicz $100.00
Sean and Michelle Chastain $100.00
Ms. eva monastersky
Candy and Gary Thompson
Fay $750.00
Bob & Rita Ferry $1000.00
Mrs. Helen Roberts $50.00
Tim Hester $1000.00
Jack Kelly $750.00
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Event participants
Craig and Kelly Brown
Sean Chastain
Ronald Fan
John Fay
Jennifer Gilbert
Papastamoulis Grigoris
Jack Kelly
Gary Mudd
The Prokopowicz Family Prokopowicz/Steele
Helen Roberts
Maggie Terry
Judy Thompson
michael kelly
Event goal 10 participants

Join us for the 2021 VIRTUAL Million Dollar Bike Ride!
We're excited that the Million Dollar Bike Ride will once again be a VIRTUAL event!

Last year we had 10 teams across the globe who participated. With the matching funds from the Orphan Disease Center, LGDA/LMI Riders awarded almost $82,000 to fund research to study the effects of combined therapy using Sirolimus and Zometa.

Since 2015 and with the help of our supporters, this annual event has raised over $700,000 and funded 11 research projects directly related to GLA, GSD, KLA, and CCLA!

Once again, UPenn Orphan Disease Center will be matching donations up to $30,000 with 100% of the funds raised going towards research for GLA / lymphangiomatosis, GSD, KLA, and CCLA.

About Team LGDA / LMI
The LGDA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation dedicated to patient support, advocacy, and research to find effective treatments and cures for those affected by GLA/lymphangiomatosis, GSD, KLA, and CCLA. Learn more:

The LMI is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the clinical care of patients with GLA/lymphangiomatosis, GSD, KLA, and CCLA by funding research focused on identifying effective therapies for treating these rare disorders of the lymphatic system. Learn more:

Here is a list of what your support has funded:
1. Make a donation by clicking the blue "Donate Now" button at the top of this page,

2. Set up your own personal fundraising page to support LGDA / LMI Riders doing whatever activity you choose.

Use this link to set up your personal page:

If you choose to set up your own Giving Page, please send the link to and we will add it to the list of participants above.
For Active Participants:
Decide on a distance to ride, walk or run and ask others to make a donation to support your efforts.
  • Choose your distance of 13, 34 or 72 miles - with social distancing and limited time outside, the distances can now be completed over a period of time (finish date 12th June).
  • Whether you are on your stationary bike/treadmill or on the road - become part of Team LGDA / LMI. Join others by downloading a distance tracker and posting your progress through social media channels using #TeamLGDA/LMI and #PennMedMDBR2020
  • Self Isolating and can't go out - this can be done on a stationary bike or treadmill. Cover the miles from the comfort of your own home. Use a distance tracker and share your progress!
  • Share your fundraising page or the Team LGDA donation page with friends and family and ask them for a small donation to encourage you to complete your challenge and to help us reach our $40,000 target.
Donation messages
We Ride For Cate! --Dr. Brown
In support of our friends the Browns. --Maggie
Riding and walking for our girl! --The Brown Family
Until recently we had no idea there was something called generalized lymphatic anomaly. We proudly support this organization on behalf of our warrior granddaughter Cate. --Gary and Susan Mudd
this is my first year participating in the MDBR as a member of the LGDA community. I am impressed on a daily basis by all the dedicated clinicians, researchers and members of LGDA community who work tirelessly for patients with complex lymphatic anomalies and their families. mike --Dr. michael kelly

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