Million Dollar Bike Ride - Children's Interstitial and Diffuse Lung Disease
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Team Bronchiolitis Obliterans! - Finding cures one breath at a time!

Faces of Bronchiolitis Obliterans- This devastating disease strikes kids of all ages without warning. We need your help to find effective treatments and a cure!
Quick Facts about Bronchiolitis Obliterans
Bronchiolitis is a common respiratory illness that occurs when an infection causes swelling and mucus build-up in the tiny airways of the lungs called bronchioles. Most people recover completely with antibiotics and a little rest.

In Bronchiolitis obliterans (OB), the outcome is much different. In these patients, the tiny airways become inflamed and the body reacts by replacing the airways with scar tissue and destroying the function of the bronchioles. This scarring is permanent and irreversible.

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