Kevin Edmonds and "A Love for Life" Fund at Penn Presbyterian Oncology
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Why we are doing what we do.
  christine & harrison & adrienne edmonds 2013 race  
Fundraising goal $100,000.00
Recent donations (301 donations)
Lynn & Mike Adams $100.00
Mr. Christopher Edmonds
Adam Samuels
Mary Ann Nolan
Vecchio $100.00
Tom Zingarelli $500.00
Lisa Satterwhite and Martyn Darby
Coastline Condo Association
Fidelity Charitable Grant $1000.00
Patrick and Mika Ryan
Elaine Palatine
Mark, Wendy and Isabel Wisniewski
Certara USA $500.00
Joe and Karen Nelson
John Fraher and Monica Ettori $300.00
Donna Buckley
Ms. Joanne coughlan $150.00
Mr. John Dattner $100.00
Erica Librach $100.00
Mr. Stephen Murphy $25.00
Dee Smith-Johns
Newtown Hardware House
Jim & Pat Shirley $150.00
Bohr $25.00
Ms. marilyn mclean
The Lippy Faimily
Ken Gilbert $100.00
Priscilla Watts $100.00
Jenny and Jeff Waters $250.00
Patrick Edmonds
Christa Brandon $1000.00
Richard Rosano $500.00
Theresa Turano $100.00
Doreen Venneri
Sweet Willie Davis and his band $1000.00
Paypal Charitable Giving
Gap Body Cybergrants $535.00
Sanford $75.00
The Pro Shop of Newtown $500.00
Rebecca Fisher and Mans Angantyr $40.00
Ms. colleen abbenhaus $20.00
215 Golf Outing $400.00
Fellows Brands /Canada $1000.00
Lynn & Stephen Henry
Rex L. Carpenter
Christy and Bob Keppel
The Haddonfield AL4L Crew $424.00
Barbara Monteiro
Melvin and Margaret Benson
Friends and family of Kelly Ryan West $80.00
Thorburn Family
215 Golf Classic $2500.00
Council Rock School District- Chancellor Center $120.00
Trish and Glenn
Sylvie & Jonathan $50.00
Ursula Bancroft and Carl Rosenbaum
Dan and Meg Griffin
Alisa Monteiro
Paula Bruskiewitz
Mary Ann Zorzy $50.00
Paul and Joann Sabol $200.00
PWC /Yogatree $243.00
Mrs. Mary Wiedenman
Bob & Kerry Dietzel $350.00
Laura and Greg Rothstein $100.00
Mr. James Shirley $100.00
Jeff & Karen Cain $200.00
Mr. Greg Axenroth $100.00
Linda and Doug Welles $100.00
Betty and Chuck Eisenberg $100.00
Ray and Kati Sowiak $150.00
Sarah Lopez
The Edmonds Family
The Slussers $100.00
Ms. Michelle Hadley
Rick & Chris Fagles $20.00
Ms. Priscilla Watts
Mr. Taek-Soo Chang $20.00
Anonymous $25.00
Hulihan $250.00
PPD . $2000.00
Pennridge Wellness /Yogatree $875.00
Gallagher Family
Monica Pietras
Team John Wilson $50.00
Studio 35
Good Luck Tomorrow
The Lemonade Kids $83.00
Phil Klara $20.00
Donna McGranaghan $125.00
Ms. Judy Celli
Alexis Toulson $25.00
Lauren Waldman Designs $60.00
Michael and Jocelyn Sirkis
Allan and Laurie Samuels
Mr. Gregory Lewis $1000.00
Betsy Pickup
Shapiro $50.00
barre 3 $250.00
Friends of Ken & Andy Brask $630.00
Pickering Manor $500.00
Paul and Elsa Shekelle $278.00
Kornblum $25.00
Anonymous $1000.00
Heather Lewis $20.00
Doug & Peggy Levin
Trudie and Bruce Benton
Steven and Maria McCraney $250.00
Ms. Eleanor Sweeney and Family $250.00
Zumba with Amy $975.00
Di Bruno Bros. $500.00
Castle Metals $250.00
Hamilton Building Supply $250.00
The Tubby Olive $250.00
Alex and Kathleen Shanley $500.00
The Coffee Room $250.00
Newtown Bicycle Shop $250.00
Rock & Betty Jean Spann $250.00
Lois Saurman
Gloderma PC $25.00
Advanced Lubrication Specialties $500.00
Ms. Nancy Brincheiro
Scott McCraney
Mr. Gary Nolan
Rick & pam $50.00
Freedman Family
Stephanie Rathburn $25.00
P. Collins
Janet Adams $50.00
Kathy and Tom Morrison
Jayne & Don Spector $500.00
Mike and Donna O'D
Kernan $400.00
Makefield Chiropractic
Amy Haas/ Optimal Zumba Party $150.00
Ken Brask
Michael Sellers, Esq.
Curren Environmental, Inc $250.00
The Calichman Family $100.00
Eileen Wargo $100.00
Lin Bethman Auto $250.00
Family of Jeff Hilton $5000.00
Donna Buckley
Edward Brunner
Doylestown Emergency Associates $2000.00
Ray's HVAC Service $250.00
McCaffrey's Market $500.00
Regina Keating $500.00
Beneficial Bank $10000.00
The Solebury School $250.00
Janet and Michael Joachim
Melanie Fagan
Blancato $100.00
Joe & Carolyn Kraft
PWC /Yogatree $365.00
PWC /Yogatree
Wonderful Machine $250.00
Mike Coughlin /State Farm $250.00
Anonymous $1000.00
The Richters
Thornton Muscle Cars
Jack Cain
Anonymous $50.00
Smith and Porter
Bill Kendrick
The Cosack Team
E. Jeffrey Hilton $50.00
Jeff Hilton $100.00
Nick &Mary Jo Barbi
Bill and Carolyn Smith $50.00
Susan and Modesto Fiume
Vadakara Internal medicine Associates
Marianne and Pat Metzger $50.00
E. Jeffery "Jeff" Hilton
Dan and Sadie Jeff $50.00
E. Jeff Hilton
Bob & Hilda Shaw
E. Jeff Hilton
E. Jeff Hilton
John O'Reilly
Dianne n Bill Hargraves $50.00
Maria Zorzy
Erin Zezzo
Mary Wiedenman
Doug Welles
Linda Welles
Christy Weber
Jenny Waters
Bill Versak
Chris Thompson
Heather Thomas
Kathy Skalish
Kathryn Schafer
Allison Sigler
Allison Siegler
Ashara Shapiro
Kelly Ryan-West
Jennifer Hansen-Rolli
Paul Pollock
Kathy Pollock
Eric Nicholl
Jennifer Nicholl
Meg Newell
Christine Moody
Joe Moody
Alisa Monteiro
Bob Metz
Mary Metz
Debbie McLaughlin
Theresa McEvoy
Wright McCraney
Beth McCraney
Karina Martino
Doug Linkenheimer
Bob Linkenheimer
Tricia Linkenheimer
Greg Lewis
Heather Lewis
Dug Levin
Doug Levin
Elle Kaplan
Amanda Jenkinson
Sharon Hulihan
April Hudson
Elizabeth Huber
Barbara Hornton
Dianne Hitchens
Amy Haas
Tara Grunde-McLaughlin
Stacey Fish
Jaqueline Fischer
Kaitlyn Edmonds
Adrienne Edmonds
Mary Edmonds
Christopher Edmonds
Kelley Dougherty
Bob Dietzel
Kerry Dietzel
Rich Dickinson
Ashu Dickinson
Ann DeMaio
Melanie Davis
Sam Daversa
Adrienne Cramer
Heather Coyle
Chris Couch
Laura Couch
Kim Colarusso
Rachel Cicalese
Jennifer Cassidy
Joellen Carpino
Deanna Carpentier
Ryan Carpentier
Krista Campbell
Christa Brandon
Jenn Boyd
Rachel Bodick
Meghan Berkis
Tricia Bell
Maura Bear
Beth Antimarino
Kendall Annable
Jill Anderson
Lynn Adams
Groundswell Design Group $2500.00
Savannah Keenan $20.00
Richard Thornton & Jenni Guevara
Jenni Guevara & Richard Thornton
Mrs. Kathy Martin $25.00
Smith Family $20.00
tricia $105.00
Mads and Doug $200.00
Bob Abrahamson
Ms. Brenda Shropshire $25.00
Liz Warren
Ms. Maygan Bearden
Top donors (301 donations)
Patrick Edmonds
Beneficial Bank $10000.00
Family of Jeff Hilton $5000.00
Groundswell Design Group $2500.00
215 Golf Classic $2500.00
The Lippy Faimily
Alisa Monteiro This amount includes donations indented below
   Barbara Monteiro
   Melvin and Margaret Benson
   PPD .    $2000.00
Alexis Toulson This amount includes donations indented below $2070.00
   Good Luck Tomorrow
   Phil Klara    $20.00
   Ms. Judy Celli
Doylestown Emergency Associates $2000.00
A Love for Life

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Join Us.
We are dedicated to finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. We celebrate Life & Fun & Adventure while raising money for this important cause. We are grateful for any amount you may wish to give. If you shop on AMAZON, take a moment to choose A Love for Life as your charity partner upon check out- we will receive a percentage of your purchase. Should you wish to consider corporate sponsorship, contact Christine Edmonds at
Give Credit.
If you are donating in honor of a friend or family member who has been affected by cancer please let us know. When you make a donation please select his/her name with the FIND A PERSON link and include any encouraging message that you would like to add. You will receive a letter a week later with all tax info-100% of your donation is tax deductible.
We have different fundraising events all year round: yoga classes, wine-tastings, dinner parties, back yard bonfires and silent auctions. We have a full line of A Love for Life t-shirts/hats/ties/magnets/organic teas/custom jewelry/scarves and other gear. If you know someone who has pancreatic cancer, or has a family member or friend struggling with this disease, please tell them about our group. If you are on Facebook, LIKE our page and you will always know what we are up to.
Make a Difference.
Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. There are over 44,000 new cases each year, and few standard treatment options.The five-year survival rate is only 6%, making it the deadliest cancer. There are still no early detection tools that are effective in finding pancreatic cancer in its early stages. We want to help fund research that will help change these statistics, and offer hope to those who are affected by this disease.
  • donate ANY amount
  • 100% tax deductible and every single dollar you donate will help unlock new treatment options
  • visit us on race day!
  • LIKE us on Facebook
  • Researchers at the Abramson Cancer center are pioneers in developing groundbreaking approaches to defeating pancreatic cancer.
Donation messages
Happy Birthday Kevin! --Mr. Christopher Edmonds
Hope Health & Happiness in the New Year! Thanks Christine! A Love for Life Strong! --Vecchio
In memory of Kevin Edmonds and for his family Christine, Adrienne and Harry, with love. --Lisa Satterwhite and Martyn Darby
In memory of Gary J. Hilton Sr. from his friends at CCA. --Coastline Condo Association
For the good work that you are doing for pancreatic cancer patients. --Fidelity Charitable Grant
In memory of Gary Hiton. --Patrick and Mika Ryan
In memory of Gary J. Hilton Sr. --Elaine Palatine
In memory of Uncle Gary Hilton, Sr. --Mark, Wendy and Isabel Wisniewski
Matching Gift from Ryan Carpentier's company --Certara USA
In memory of Mel Librach --Joe and Karen Nelson
In honor of Kevin --John Fraher and Monica Ettori
xo --Donna Buckley
In memory of Kevin Edmonds- someone who embodied the name of the Foundation that Christine founded. And Christine- you never fail to amaze me with YOUR passion and strength. --Ms. Joanne coughlan
My contribution is to be for a well respected President of my Avalon community, Mr. Gary Hilton. I had the privilege of getting to know him well in the last five years, and I certainly wish to express my deepest sorrow, and all my prayers, to his remaining family. I am so sorry to have received this bad news. My prayers are with the family. John W Dattner --Mr. John Dattner
Happy Hanukkah Dad. I miss you every day. --Erica Librach
In Memory of Gary J. Hilton, Sr. --Mr. Stephen Murphy
Thanks Bill and Melanie Davis --Mr and Mrs Peter Smith
In memory of Alan Smith and in honor of Christine's leadership. --Dee Smith-Johns
In memory of Raymond Petro. --Rosemary Bordley
From our Jingle Mingle event this past Thursday and in memory of our employee Rich. --Newtown Hardware House
In Honor and Remembrance of Allan Brunton-Reed, our wonderful friend of many years. --Jim & Pat Shirley
Please find a cure for the disease that took away my good friend David. --Ken Gilbert
In honor of my late husband, David Elliot. --Priscilla Watts
Great race Angie! So fun to watch you boogie through NYC! --Dr. Amy Yoder
In memory of our daughter Nora and our son Kevin. --Patrick Edmonds
Praying for a cure! --Christa Brandon
Such a fun night at the Temperance House! --Sweet Willie Davis and his band
proud to partner with this incredible organization --Paypal Charitable Giving
Proud to match all of the donations from Elle's Monday evening yoga classes here in Newtown! --Gap Body Cybergrants
Go, Andrea! Go, Christine! Go, Research! --Sanford
A fantastic FUNdraiser with a great group! xoxoxo --The Pro Shop of Newtown
A few more hole sponsor checks! --215 Golf Outing
Donation in honor of our employee Jim Edmonds' 30th anniversary with Fellows. --Fellows Brands /Canada
In loving memory of Uncle Jeff --Lynn & Stephen Henry
In memory of Jeff Hilton. --Rex L. Carpenter
Great work Dug - sorry this took me a while. --Christy and Bob Keppel
% From our fun dine-and-donate events at The Tap Room! --The Haddonfield AL4L Crew
In support of Alisa, in memory of JB. --Barbara Monteiro
In honor of JB --Melvin and Margaret Benson
My friends and family donated this money for my Dragon Boat team! --Friends and family of Kelly Ryan West
Love Elle & Yoga at Gap Body! --Alisa Monteiro
Hooray AL4L! --Paula Bruskiewitz
Go Maria Z!!! --Mary Ann Zorzy
For Ken & Andy Brask's Paddling Adventure! --Paul and Joann Sabol
Cash on Race Day! Hooray for the G O L D! --PWC /Yogatree
Great Job, Love for Life, Dragon Boat Team 4!! --Bob & Kerry Dietzel
In memory of our beloved Dad and Papa, Robert William Korb. --Laura and Greg Rothstein
Thanks for what you are doing. --Mr. James Shirley
In the memory of too many lost to this horrible disease: Jerry, Nora, Kevin, Frank, Tom, Ya Ya, Maureen and Cathy's mothers, both of Julie's parents, and to two special people who just loved life and are dearly missed, Jane and Danny. Good luck today! --Jeff & Karen Cain
Go team #4! --Couch
Much love to the McCraney and Edmonds family! Looking forward to a fabulous day paddling with family and friends and celebrating A Love for Life ! --Linda and Doug Welles
Go for it kids! Sharon go for another medal! Joe beat that drum! Have a great time on the river!!! --Betty and Chuck Eisenberg
In memory of Kevin and Nora. --Ray and Kati Sowiak
Looking forward to a great day with family and friends. ALFL thrives because of you. --The Edmonds Family
Love to the McCraney Family. Missing you!!! --The Slussers
Good luck & have fun. We love you guys!! --Rick & Chris Fagles
thank you for doing this! --Trish
Proud to sponsor our exceptional employee Alisa Monteiro. --PPD .
Supporting all our PWC/Yogatree paddlers....go Claudine & Co! --Pennridge Wellness /Yogatree
My husband was diagnosed in Sept 2013 with duodenal cancer. We were blessed to be close enough to Penn and the Abramson Cancer Center to be treated with the Whipple surgery and chemotherapy. Sadly the cancer metastasized to the liver, lung and mesentery. Despite the amazing work of the team, John lost his battle to the monsters within on June 1, 2017. I am blessed for the time we had left together. Team Penn treated us like a family not just a file. --Team John Wilson
Hooray for Sam and A Love for Life!! --Studio 35
Go Alexis & Don!!!! --Good Luck Tomorrow
From our August 30th Lemonade stand! --The Lemonade Kids
Sunny day for the event; may the continued efforts bring a brighter future. --Phil Klara
All the best to the Love for Life teams! --Allan and Laurie Samuels
In honor of two lost and one paddling for the cure -Betsy --Betsy Pickup
Hooray for a Love for Life! --barre 3
What a great Father/Son Adventure- Great Cause! --Friends of Ken & Andy Brask
Supporting all the important research that is happening at Penn! --Pickering Manor
In recognition of Ken and Andy Brask's 278 mile canoe trip --Paul and Elsa Shekelle
Thanks for your help with this great cause. --Kornblum
Great hair cut --Heather Lewis
Hooray for A Love for Life! --Doug & Peggy Levin
Good luck and have fun! The Bentons next door! --Trudie and Bruce Benton
Best of luck 2017 Dragon Boat paddlers! --Ms. Eleanor Sweeney and Family
Di Bruno Bros. is proud to support the University of Pennsylvania's - Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund events. Wishing you all the success with this years' events and fundraising opportunities! Di Bruno Bros. supports many community events throughout the year. We believe that giving back to the community is the key to "Celebrating Great Food and Great People." We encourage your participants to visit our convenient locations (The Italian Market at 930 S. 9th Street, Ardmore Farmer's Market at 120 Coulter Avenue, Ardmore, The Market at Comcast Center at 1701 JFK Boulevard, Rittenhouse Square at 1730 Chestnut Street & The Franklin Market at 834 Chestnut Street) for all their gourmet/specialty food and beverage, catering, or gift giving needs. Also, please feel free to visit our website for additional information at Bill Mignucci Jr., President --Di Bruno Bros.
Good luck!! --Hamilton Building Supply
The most wonderful organization! --The Tubby Olive
In honor of Kevin and Nora Edmonds --Alex and Kathleen Shanley
Wishing you all a latte luck in the race! --The Coffee Room
Proud to sponsor A Love for Life! --Newtown Bicycle Shop
Hooray for AL4L! --Lois Saurman
Good Luck! --Gloderma PC
In support of Don and Patti Richardson- Paddle On! --Advanced Lubrication Specialties
CUT IT! --Ms. Nancy Brincheiro
Finish the race! --Scott McCraney
Please do NOT cut that wonderful hair. --Mr. Gary Nolan
Paddle on to Ken & Andy's great Delaware river adventure! --Rick & pam
CUT YOUR HAIR! --Freedman Family
Good luck Ken! --Stephanie Rathburn
On behalf of Ken Brask and the DE River Charity Paddle. Congrats! --P. Collins
Donating in honor of Ken and Andy Brask's paddle down the Delaware. Paddle on, men! --Kathy and Tom Morrison
Paddle on! --Jayne & Don Spector
Supporting Ken and Andy Break in their charity paddle down the Delaware !! In memory of our neighbor, Scott McCraney. --Mike and Donna O'D
Go team! I hope you have a great race! --Kernan
Life of Dug! --Makefield Chiropractic
Thanks Optimal Sport/ Go Amy!! --Amy Haas/ Optimal Zumba Party
Starting out our Delaware river Charity Paddle! --Ken Brask
Wishing all the Best to the AL4L Teams --Michael Sellers, Esq.
Sponsoring Joe & Chrissy Moody! --Curren Environmental, Inc
Good Luck Ken and Andy! --Eileen Wargo
Proud to sponsor A Love for Life! --Lin Bethman Auto
In honor of our beloved Dad and Poppop. --Family of Jeff Hilton
Horray Bob & Trish! --Donna Buckley
In memory of Tom Coyte --Edward Brunner
We are proud sponsors of your efforts to fund pancreatic cancer research. --Doylestown Emergency Associates
Paddle On! --Ray's HVAC Service
We are proud to support our community partners! --McCaffrey's Market
In support of Andrea Vecchio and Bill Sweeney- Go team! --Regina Keating
Beneficial Bank is proud to be a Hero sponsor. Good luck in your races! --Beneficial Bank
In support of our alumna, Adrienne Edmonds. Good work! --The Solebury School
In memory of Matthew Gottesfeld --Janet and Michael Joachim
In remembrance of Jeff Hilton. Much love and peace. --Blancato
Go Team! --Joe & Carolyn Kraft
Excited to be part of the A Love for Life team this year! Hooray Claudine & Co! --PWC /Yogatree
Go Adrienne Cramer! --Wonderful Machine
Happy to sponsor AL4L!!! Rock on! --Mike Coughlin /State Farm
Thank you for supporting such a good cause! --The Richters
Condolences to Deb and family In memory of Tom Coyte; May the peace and love of Jesus rest in his soul. --Jack Cain
Happy to support A Love for Life! --Smith and Porter
Newtopia Silver sponsorship! --The Cosack Team
Our thoughts and prayers are forever with you. Love , the Christopher's --Jeff Hilton
Our hearts go out to the Hilton family. Jeff was a wonderful husband, father, and friend. Nick & Mary Jo --Nick &Mary Jo Barbi
Donation in memory of Jeff Hilton, a kind and thoughtful soul. Will be missed by so many. Rest in peace. Bill and Carolyn Smith --Bill and Carolyn Smith
Our heart felt Condolences to Nancy and family. May God help you to go through this tough time --Vadakara Internal medicine Associates
Our sympathies to Nancy and family. Jeff will be missed by many. He will be watching over you always. --Marianne and Pat Metzger
This donation is in memory of Ernest Jeff Hilton. He will be missed in the neighborhood. --John Lazarczyk Sr., John Lazarczyk Jr., Andrew Lazarczyk
RIP our will always be remembered as fun loving, compassionate and caring. Gone too soon. --E. Jeff Hilton
Our condolences to Jeff's family He was a good friend and a very generous person. He will be missed by his card playing buddies. --Bob & Hilda Shaw
To Kiersty, Joe and your entire family - Our sincerest sympathies. Love, Tom & Diane Goodwin --E. Jeff Hilton
Donation for a wonderful neighbor with a beautiful soul. Ernest "JEFF" Hilton --Dianne n Bill Hargraves
We are so happy to be sponsors again this year.... Paddle On! --Groundswell Design Group
With all all my love, and for a great cause. Very proud of you Richard and Jennifer for been part of this event. --Christi
Go Jenni & Richard!!! --Savannah Keenan
The Coffee Room event- so much fun! --tricia
With thanks to Rick Mazzafro and Christine Edmonds for making our wedding spectacular. Rick your ceremony was touching and personal and Christine the flowers were amazing. Kevin would have had a blast so it seems right to make a donation as a way to show our thanks to you both. --Mads and Doug
Good thoughts, prayers and love to Christine and her team of hard workers for this cause! --Ms. Brenda Shropshire

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