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Celebrating Our Friends Ed & Claire
Why we are doing what we do.
  christine & harrison & adrienne edmonds 2013 race  
Fundraising goal $100,000.00
Recent donations (85 donations)
Name DescendingX Amount
Cassandra & Tony $100.00
Popescu $60.00
Beth and Charles Andrews $100.00
Anderson $200.00
Sheryl Cohen $20.00
Christine $500.00
Kathleen McCarthy
Anonymous $25.00
Richard and Brigid Madar
Sager & Munoz Family $300.00
Ms. Donna Joseph $200.00
Roger & Amber Peterson $50.00
Mark and Michelle Theeuwes
Ed McCarthy & Claire Davids $200.00
sally and john huss $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Corey Forker $175.00
Jenn Lalli $110.00
In loving memory of Mel Squires
Erica Librach $350.00
Michael and Stacy Rosen $300.00
Helen Brown $250.00
Ms. Lauren McGrath $50.00
Rachelle Skovira
Anonymous $50.00
Gary Maucher
Chris, Mary, Chris, Kate, Sean, & Thomas Edmonds
Mr. Kenneth Lind
Anderson Family
Greg Campetella
The Deliman Family
Man How Inc.
Kontra Family $250.00
Rick and Louise Cooper $150.00
Temperance House $1000.00
Carole stintsman
Barb Dalglish $50.00
Diamatrix Inc. $150.00
Gary maucher $100.00
Marchmaster Inc $100.00
Joan & Ron Vecchio & Family $100.00
Terri & Ed Murphy
White Family - Marsha, Chris, Ashleigh & Andrew $250.00
Mr. David & Rhonda Gatt $50.00
Bill, Donna, Max, and Arie Oosterom
Alyssa Sifer and Clayton Meeks
Ms. Suzanne Halpin
Walter Williams Foundation
Lori & Ned Darkow
Resto Family $50.00
The HL&FFSS Team
Bert and Debi Harman
The Conshy Crew (Jake, Molly, Rachel, Matt, Kelsey, Joe, Pat & Ilana)
Jeff & Betty Cerro
Rachel W
Walter $100.00
The Burke/Mills family $250.00
Rick Rogers family $100.00
Edmonds Family
Ms. Bonnie Pedowicz $18.00
Carl & Margo Hanover $50.00
Gretchen & Bill Stark $50.00
Clara Weishahn $25.00
Mr. Kevin Rutz $100.00
The Hornets!! $20.00
Kristy Migliacci $25.00
Recent donations
Top donors (85 donations)
Walter Williams Foundation
Edmonds Family This amount includes donations indented below
Temperance House $1000.00
Chris, Mary, Chris, Kate, Sean, & Thomas Edmonds
Christine $500.00
Erica Librach $350.00
Richard and Brigid Madar
A Love for Life

Help Fund A Cure.
Our sole purpose is funding the researchers at the Abramson Cancer Center at Penn. We do this in honor of those we have lost to pancreatic cancer but also, more importantly, to improve outcomes for those who are facing this challenge today.

Should you have any questions or wish to consider corporate sponsorship, contact Christine Edmonds at
Give Credit.
If you are donating in honor of a friend who is struggling with or has died of pancreatic cancer, let us know in the comment section. We are happy to share a photo here on this page.

When you make a donation you will receive a tax donation letter from Penn right away -100% of your donation is tax deductible.
We have different fundraising events all year round: yoga classes, wine-tastings, dinner parties, back yard bonfires and silent auctions. We have a full line of A Love for Life t-shirts/hats/ties/magnets/organic teas/custom jewelry/scarves and other gear. If you know someone who has pancreatic cancer, or has a family member or friend struggling with this disease, please tell them about our group. If you are on Facebook, LIKE our page and you will always know what we are up to.
Make a Difference.
Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. There are over 44,000 new cases each year, and few standard treatment options.The five-year survival rate is only 11%, making it one of the deadliest cancers. There are still no early detection tools that are effective in finding pancreatic cancer in its early stages. We want to help fund research that will help change these statistics, and offer hope to those who are affected by this disease.
  • donate ANY amount
  • 100% tax deductible and every single dollar you donate will help unlock new treatment options
  • Host your own AL4L event
  • LIKE us on Facebook
  • Researchers at the Abramson Cancer center are pioneers in developing groundbreaking approaches to defeating pancreatic cancer.
  • Run or Walk a 5K in Honor of a friend
  • Join us!
Donation messages
Congratulations, Ed & Claire. We love you! Cassandra & Tony --Cassandra & Tony
Thank you Risa Kane and Erin Lanciani for your donation with the purchase of heart cards. --Popescu
In loving memory of Kenneth Edwards Fischer, Jr. and in honor of Dave and Jackie Fischer and Family. --Beth and Charles Andrews
Thank you Ed & Claire for partnering with A Love for Life to help celebrate your marriage! We are so thankful for your generous spirit and I really really wish Kevin was coming with me today xoxo --Christine
In honor of Mindy Beth --Anonymous
Congratulations Claire & Ed --Richard and Brigid Madar
Congratulations Claire & Ed --Sager & Munoz Family
For Suzanne, always in our hearts, never forgotten. --Ms. Donna Joseph
On behalf of Kandace and Frank Pugh... in connection with Roger and Amber Peterson as part of the Chamber's Event --Roger & Amber Peterson
For our dear friends and fearless warriors, Roger & Amber Peterson! What a great event at Chambers!! XOXO --Mark and Michelle Theeuwes
Roger peterson event --Jenn Lalli
AL4L fundraiser at Chambers In memory of Mel. Miss you Dad. --Erica Librach
In honor of our friend, Roger Peterson --Michael and Stacy Rosen
Chambers! --Rolli
Roger's chambers even --Helen Brown
For the Chamber's Fundraiser :) --Ms. Lauren McGrath
In Loving Memory of Gary Maucher, a kind & compassionate man who fought a courageous battle. --The Real-Ferringer Family
In honor of my father Louis Zowine --Rachelle Skovira
In memory of Randy --Anonymous
I will miss you Gary, my brother my friend. My heart is truly broken!!!! --Gary Maucher
You have been out of our sight for awhile but will be in our hearts forever. Kevin and Nora - to a life well lived! --Chris, Mary, Chris, Kate, Sean, & Thomas Edmonds
In memory of Gary Maucher-We will miss you, --Mr. Kenneth Lind
In Memory of Gary Maucher --Anderson Family
In memory of Gary Maucher. --Greg Campetella
In memory of Gary Maucher. With Love Kontra Family --Kontra Family
In memory of Gary Maucher. Our thoughts are with Liz and family at this sad and difficult time. Rick Cooper and Louise Cooper --Rick and Louise Cooper
In honor of Gary Maucher of Yardley PA. --John from Newtown
Always happy to support such a great cause. -Love you guys. Your friends at the Temperance House Xoxo --Temperance House
Please accept this donation in memory of Gary Maucher --Carole stintsman
In memory of Gary Maucher --Barb Dalglish
In memory of Gary Maucher from your friends at Diamatrix. --Diamatrix Inc.
In Loving Memory of Gary Maucher and with Sympathy to Liz and Family with Love from Jeff & Sheila --Jeff Davis & Sheila
In memory of Gary Maucher. --Marchmaster Inc
With loving remembrance of Kevin and Nora Edmonds --Joan & Ron Vecchio & Family
In loving memory of Bob Baughman - The White Family - Marsha, Chris, Ashleigh & Andrew --White Family - Marsha, Chris, Ashleigh & Andrew
In Memory of Bob Baughman - Deirdre & Kevin Igo --Deirdre & Kevin Igo
In memory of Bob Baughman --Mr. David & Rhonda Gatt
With fond, loving memory of Bob Baughman...Many laughs and good times... Bill, Donna, Max, and Arie Oosterom --Bill, Donna, Max, and Arie Oosterom
In loving memory of Bob Baughman. We miss you. --Alyssa Sifer and Clayton Meeks
Bob will be missed by so many. His imprint on our lives is long term. Next time I am at Delaware Park - I will bet a 2-4-6 exacta in his honor. --Ms. Suzanne Halpin
In loving memory of Bob "Pop" Baughman. --Wheble Siblings
In memory of Bob Baughman. May he rest in peace. --Lori & Ned Darkow
In Memory of Robert Baughman, Jr. - rest in peace --Resto Family
In memory of Kevin Edmonds, in support of Andrea Vecchio's NYC Half Marathon Race, and in hopes of finding a cure that will end the suffering of those afflicted and their family members who live with the loss of their loved ones every day. --Ms. Claire Vecchio
In memory of Bob Baughman. May friends and family always remember him with warmth in their heart and a smile on their face. --The HL&FFSS Team
In memory of Bob Baughman, a dear friend, neighbor and golf partner. You will be dearly missed - you were one of the good guys! We will miss you, Debi and Bert Harman --Bert and Debi Harman
In memory of an incredible man, Bob Baughman --The Conshy Crew (Jake, Molly, Rachel, Matt, Kelsey, Joe, Pat & Ilana)
In memory of Mr. Bob Baughman --Jeff & Betty Cerro
In memory of Mr. Bob Baughy, sending so much love and peace to everyone who loved him! --Rachel W
Amazing tennis event! Thank you! --Mrs. Ashley Kube
The Edmonds Family mourns the loss of Bob Baughman who truly embodied A Love for Life in his lifetime. --Edmonds Family
In Memory of Bob Baughman- A great guy who will be truly missed. --Carl & Margo Hanover
Remembering Bobby Baughman - a man whose heart was bigger than most - --Gretchen & Bill Stark
With love and admiration for all the Shamrock Shufflers who braved the storm today! --Clara Weishahn
In dedication and loving memory of Christine Mueller Born --Kristy Migliacci

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