Kevin Edmonds and "A Love for Life" Fund at Penn Presbyterian Oncology
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  christine & harrison & adrienne edmonds 2013 race  
Fundraising goal $100,000.00
Recent donations (167 donations)
Name DescendingX Amount
Studio 35 $1000.00
The Abrahamson Family
Chris A
Iron Hill Brewery Ardmore
Mrs. Ashara Shapiro Arecherche
Charles & Stacey Bancroft $500.00
Beneficial Bank $10000.00
Maria and Lou
Ms. Sheena Bediako $250.00
Steve Carboni $70.00
Grammy $25.00
Jennifer Binkley
Gap Body $510.00
Bob Bolton
Christa & Andy Brandon
Andy and MaryEllen Brashler $100.00
Ken Brask $25.00
Donna Buckley
Donna Buckley
Temperance House
Jack Cain & Barbara Cain $100.00
Dr. Mary Callahan $25.00
Scott Carey and Dorothy Braun
Loretta & Jim Catozzi $35.00
Mr. Taek-Soo Chang
Reckner Opinions $250.00
Mrs. Nancy Cook $20.00
The Defrehn Corp
The DeFrehn Corporation
Anonymous $200.00
Mr. Mike Cotellessa $30.00
Ms. Joanne Coughlan $150.00
Michael Coughlin $250.00
Bill and Adrienne Cramer
Anonymous $250.00
Mary Dinneen $200.00
Juli Eckmeier
Christine Edmonds $100.00
Caroline Edwards
Mrs. Cindy Ellis $100.00
Ms. Carol Escorpizo $10.00
Ms. Melanie Fagan $400.00
Melanie Fagan $250.00
Ms. Amy Fasullo $100.00
Groundswell Design Group $2500.00
Clark's Flower Shop $350.00
Aetna Foundation Inc
Truist Frontstream
Connecticut Brasks $50.00
Mrs. Tricia Gallagher $50.00
The Gap $588.00
Bob Gardler $250.00
Gemmi Construction
Gillespie Family $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Ed and Tara Grunde-McLaughlin
Catie & Chloe G. $500.00
Ms. Michelle Hadley
Halpin family $100.00
Tito's Handmade Vodka $2000.00
Dianne and William Hargraves $25.00
Mr. Stephen Heverin
Council Rock North High School $2000.00
Markus and Nicky Hinderberger $200.00
Ben & Stacy Hines $500.00
Mrs. Roslyn Holtz
Regina Keating $500.00
Terry Kincs
Michelle Knobloch $250.00
Michelle Knobloch
Lana and Robert Kopacz
Peggy & Doug Levin
Erica LIbrach $100.00
Erica Librach $50.00
Doylestown Emergency Associates, P.C. $2500.00
Bob and Tricia Linkenheimer
Dr.and Mrs. Litovsky $100.00
Margaret Lovas $300.00
Your Loving Neighbor $300.00
Lucerne Family $250.00
Mr. Jack and Ginny MARTIN $25.00
Allison and Jon MacGahan $50.00
Ms. Andrea Magda $100.00
Pickering Manor $500.00
The Pro Shop of Newtown $450.00
Brendan McCarthy and Sylve Rosen-Bernstein $500.00
Love Migs
Alisa & Stuart Myles
Newtown Hardware
Anonymous $400.00
Ed Nix $500.00
Mary Ann Nolan $300.00
Paul J. Nolan $30.00
Kim Novick $100.00
Gerard and Bridget O'Malley
Our Oktoberfest $711.00
PPD $3000.00
Payal Patel
William and Anna Marie Petersen $200.00
Jeanine and Michael Rambo $100.00
Restaino Family
Matthew Rodrigues
Marga Rogers $100.00
Jim and Debbie Rossell $25.00
Laura and Greg Rothstein $100.00
Joyce & David Rubinsohn
Clive and Teresa Samuels $180.00
CB and Kathleen Schafer
Mr. Mark Schaub $50.00
Solebury School $250.00
Michael and Christine Sciarrotta
Randy and Nancy Scurlock $5200.00
Mr. Richard Seitchick $50.00
Ashara Shapiro
Lisa Shelby & Ken Glick $100.00
Jim & Pat shirley $200.00
Barbara Simmons $100.00
Jocelyn and Michael Sirkis
Kathy Skalish & Steve Brown $100.00
Rowland & Elaine Smith $240.00
Ms. Deanne Smith-Johns
Ms. Deanne Smith-Johns
Ruth Stemberger $50.00
Wade $250.00
David & Florence Tassinari $100.00
Dragon Boat Teams
Agielent Technologies $300.00
Eastern Auto Parts Warehouse $500.00
Ms. Gina Tognini
The Toussaint Family
Doreen Venneri
Pat & Tom Ware $200.00
Ms. Priscilla Watts $50.00
Linda and Doug Welles $100.00
Phil and Maryalice Hagan
Smith and Porter $250.00
The First National Bank and Trust of Newtown $250.00
craig family
Ms. kim cosack $500.00
Mrs. terri harabedian $25.00
Bank of America $300.00
samuels $200.00
Bill Jones and Roxane Scurlock Jones $100.00
naomi sussman and george faigen $200.00
Your Neighbor xo $100.00
Top donors (167 donations)
Dragon Boat Teams
Beneficial Bank $10000.00
Randy and Nancy Scurlock $5200.00
Ed and Tara Grunde-McLaughlin
PPD $3000.00
Groundswell Design Group $2500.00
Doylestown Emergency Associates, P.C. $2500.00
Council Rock North High School $2000.00
Tito's Handmade Vodka $2000.00
A Love for Life

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Join Us.
We are dedicated to finding a cure for pancreatic cancer. We celebrate Life & Fun & Adventure while raising money for this important cause. We are grateful for any amount you may wish to give. If you shop on AMAZON, take a moment to choose A Love for Life as your charity partner upon check out- we will receive a percentage of your purchase. Should you wish to consider corporate sponsorship, contact Christine Edmonds at
Give Credit.
If you are donating in honor of a friend or family member who has been affected by cancer please let us know. When you make a donation please select his/her name with the FIND A PERSON link and include any encouraging message that you would like to add. You will receive a letter a week later with all tax info-100% of your donation is tax deductible.
We have different fundraising events all year round: yoga classes, wine-tastings, dinner parties, back yard bonfires and silent auctions. We have a full line of A Love for Life t-shirts/hats/ties/magnets/organic teas/custom jewelry/scarves and other gear. If you know someone who has pancreatic cancer, or has a family member or friend struggling with this disease, please tell them about our group. If you are on Facebook, LIKE our page and you will always know what we are up to.
Make a Difference.
Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. There are over 44,000 new cases each year, and few standard treatment options.The five-year survival rate is only 6%, making it the deadliest cancer. There are still no early detection tools that are effective in finding pancreatic cancer in its early stages. We want to help fund research that will help change these statistics, and offer hope to those who are affected by this disease.
  • donate ANY amount
  • 100% tax deductible and every single dollar you donate will help unlock new treatment options
  • visit us on race day!
  • LIKE us on Facebook
  • Researchers at the Abramson Cancer center are pioneers in developing groundbreaking approaches to defeating pancreatic cancer.
Donation messages
Proceeds from the sip n shop! Just a little late! --The Pro Shop of Newtown
The Gap is happy to match Elle's Yoga Class donations! --The Gap
This donation is a result of two summer lemonade stands and a request for donations in lieu of birthday presents this year -- all for A Love for Life. We love supporting the meaningful work of ALFL and hope a cure is found very soon. --Catie & Chloe G.
In memory of Nora, Kevin and my colleague Michelle Smith... --Ms. Joanne Coughlan
In memory of Steve Carboni from Ridgefield, CT. 11/26/1948-12/16/2018 --Steve Carboni
Keep up the great work --Ms. Melanie Fagan
This donation is being made in honor of the inspiring ladies at Studio 35 in Newtown, PA. --Anne Hoban
We love paddling for such an important cause!!!! (also so much fun) Can't wait for Race Day 2019. --Dragon Boat Teams
We love being Charity Partners with such an amazing group- keep up the good work!!! --Tito's Handmade Vodka
In honor of Kevin and Nora --Gerard and Bridget O'Malley
In loving memory of Kevin, and in honor of a beyond-amazing woman, Christine. --Mr. Edward & Mrs. Patricia Costa
Honoring Christine's dedication and the memory of Kevin, Alan, and all the others who were taken too soon. --Ms. Deanne Smith-Johns
Thank you for you tireless efforts to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Research. --Jeanine and Michael Rambo
Miss you ever day Dad. --Erica LIbrach
Everyone who donates creates a snowball affect of goodwill and thoughtfulness - I lost my dad to this and friends have also lost family members. It is time we are further along with cause and earlier dx. Thank you for starting and being the group you are; glad to be a part of this now. --Ms. Amy Fasullo
In memory of Mary E. Bethman of Newtown --Mr. Stephen Heverin
In loving memory of Mary Bethman --Loretta & Jim Catozzi
Extra $$ from our fun time at the Scurlocks! --Our Oktoberfest
In honor of Dragon Boat 1 --The Toussaint Family
In memory of Kevin and Nora Edmonds and Scott McCraney. Bless you Christine for your amazing efforts! --Linda and Doug Welles
In loving memory of Cindy Wakefield, a beautiful, delightful fun person who was an inspiration to everyone. May the peace and love of Jesus rest in her soul. --Jack Cain & Barbara Cain
This donation honors the memory of my mom, Mary R. Sims who died 33 years ago at the age of 64 after fighting the battle of pancreatic cancer. She is the angel who is with me each day and I am grateful for Christine and her "angels" that provide a vehicle for us to help fight this battle together...much love ! --Michelle Knobloch
It's an honor to be a small part of this wonderful cause. Many Blessings! Markus and Nicky --Markus and Nicky Hinderberger
Thanks for all you do. We are glad Heather Lewis introduced us to A Love for Life and your work. --Jim & Pat shirley
Keep working toward a cure ! --Christa & Andy Brandon
Keep up the great work!!! --Mr. Mike Cotellessa
We celebrate all that you do to help those who are facing this challenge in honor of those you have lost. --Studio 35
In memeory of my father Robert W. Korb. Thank you for your endless support in finding a cure for this devedtating disease. --Laura and Greg Rothstein
In memory of Nora and Kevin. --Halpin family
Good Luck on Saturday to all the paddlers! --Bill and Adrienne Cramer
In honor of Kevin. Keep up the great work, Christine. --Maria and Lou
In Support of Love for Life Boat #2 Chrissy Moody --Mr. Taek-Soo Chang
God is good. --Mr. Thomas Lillis
In Support of Dragon Boat Team 2 - Chrissy Moody --Ms. Carol Escorpizo
In memory of Mary Bethman. With deepest sympathy from everyone at EAPW. --Eastern Auto Parts Warehouse
In honor of Kevin and Nora Edmonds --Ms. Michelle Hadley
In honor of Kevin and Nora Edmonds. Praying for a cure.. --Payal Patel
It is our honor to be a sponsor for such an important cause! --Doylestown Emergency Associates, P.C.
So very proud of how far LFL has come--and what's still ahead! Christine, you rock. --Kathy Skalish & Steve Brown
Love the print!! --Bob and Tricia Linkenheimer
Good luck with Dragon Boat race #7! --Bob Gardler
So proud of what this organization has accomplished and of its bright future! --Matthew Rodrigues
Supporting Jenny Doherty Binkley --Grammy
In support of Alisa Monteiro- go for the Gold! --PPD
Oktoberfest is on the way! --Randy and Nancy Scurlock
On behalf of Kim Cosack's birthday! --Kim Cosack
Yay Love for Life. --Ms. Andrea Magda
The Law Office of Sheena A. Bediako proudly sponsors A Love for Life --Ms. Sheena Bediako
Ramming Speed!! --Mr. Richard Seitchick
Let's find a cure! --Ed Nix
Nancy and Randy thanks for hosting, see you on the 22nd! --Lisa Shelby & Ken Glick
Praying for a cure! :-) --Rowland & Elaine Smith
Proud to be part of one of the Love for Life boats! --Jennifer Binkley
The Connecticut Brasks are supporting. Thank you Ken and Andy! --Connecticut Brasks
All the best to the 6 A Love for Life teams in October's Dragon Boat races. --Beneficial Bank
State Farm is a proud sponsor of A Love for Life! --Michael Coughlin
Proud Sponsors of A Love for Life! --The First National Bank and Trust of Newtown
We are so proud of Ken and Andy Brask as they canoe the Delaware to support cancer research. Be safe on your journey. --Jocelyn and Michael Sirkis
Go Kathryn! --CB and Kathleen Schafer
Good Luck! --Phil and Maryalice Hagan
In honor of Kevin and supporting your work to fund cancer research. --The DeFrehn Corporation
Supporting your efforts and our alumna Adrienne! --Solebury School
Good Luck at the race! --Smith and Porter
Bless you for all you do! --Regina Keating
Supporting Ken Brask, his son, and all the brave people attending the weekend long canoe trip to support fundraising for pancreatic cancer - go Ken!! --Ken Brask
HAVE A BLAST - Glad to support your cause! --Pat & Tom Ware
You go Ken and Andy!! --Mrs. terri harabedian
for Ken and Andy Brask Delaware River Charity Paddle 2018 August 18 and 19---Paddle you fools!! --Joyce & David Rubinsohn
Supporting your efforts to find a cure for pancreatic cancer. In honor of Kevin. --Mrs. Roslyn Holtz
Supporting Ken Brask and his efforts to fund cancer research --Lana and Robert Kopacz
Supporting the Brask's canoe trip....have fun! --David & Florence Tassinari
In honor of Ken's Trip! --Andy and MaryEllen Brashler
This donation is to support the Dragon Boat racers on the Lander's River on August 18 and 19, 2018 --Dr. Mary Callahan
It is our honor to support local charitable organizations that are of personal significance to our employees. For more information about us or to join our panel for paid consumer surveys, visit --Reckner Opinions
Great job Christine and all the crew! --Ms. kim cosack
Supporting your important work! --Love Migs
xo --Barbara Simmons
We are proud to partner with A Love for Life! --Bank of America
In honor of Kevin and Nora Edmonds --Ed and Tara Grunde-McLaughlin
In support of Ken and Andy Brask's paddle --Scott Carey and Dorothy Braun
In support of Ken Brask and the Delaware River Charity paddle --Mrs. Nancy Cook
In support of Ken Brask and the Delaware River Charity Paddle! --Allison and Jon MacGahan
In memory of Lester Fine --Clive and Teresa Samuels
In memory of Joe McKernan --Alisa & Stuart Myles
Good work. --The Defrehn Corp
From your Newtown neighbor. --Bob Bolton
continue doing what you do! --Truist Frontstream
Thanks for my cool McBag!! --Your Loving Neighbor
So happy to be part of this important cause xo! --Clark's Flower Shop
Hooray for A Love for Life! --Donna Buckley
Supporting your important work. --Aetna Foundation Inc
A donation in honor of my Mom. --Michelle Knobloch
Best of Luck in your efforts to find a cure! --Iron Hill Brewery Ardmore
Good work! --Agielent Technologies
The Gap is happy to sponsor your efforts! Thank you to Elle Kaplan for all of your hard work. --Gap Body
In honor of Mel Librach. Missing you today and always. Happy Birthday Dad. I love you. --Erica Librach
We love being being part of your team! --Groundswell Design Group
In remembrance of a good neighbor Jeff and a Great ex-co-worker Gary who is still fighting. Bless all in the fight. The Hargraves --Dianne and William Hargraves
Thanks for my cool McBag! --Your Neighbor xo
From our partnership with A Love for Life- money raised at our "North's Got Talent!" Show on January 31st, 2018. (Happy Birthday Kevin) --Council Rock North High School
A McBag for you Anne Marie Hughes! xo --Christine Edmonds
So glad we can be a part of such a great cause. --Temperance House

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