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Ellie Nicoll $50.00
Susan and Robert Bahr $500.00
Gwen Davidow $600.00
Waldorf $50.00
Will & Stacy Eyres $1000.00
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In honor of Chase Collier $1000.00
For Iris Eyres $1000.00
Sarah's Pitt Crew $1000.00
Will & Stacy Eyres $1000.00
Gwen Davidow $600.00
PITT HOPKINS PEDALERS team total: $50,000!!

The Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to supporting research dedicated to finding a treatment, and an eventual cure of Pitt Hopkins and other similar disorders. Visit for more information.
The Pitt Hopkins Pedalers are back!
Including $50,000 in matching funds that we were awarded from the UPenn Center for Orphan Disease Research, we ended up with over $100,000 for research from MDBR 2016! With those donations, we were able to fund the research of Dr. Marenda at Drexel University, and Dr. Tõnis Timmusk at Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia. We are so excited to have these great researchers on our team working to find a treatment for Pitt Hopkins.

What is Pitt Hopkins Syndrome?
Pitt Hopkins Syndrome is a rare, neuro-developmental disorder caused by a mutation of the TCF4 gene on the 18th chromosome. It is characterized by developmental delays, problems with motor coordination (ataxia) and balance, breathing abnormalities, seizures, gastrointestinal issues, lack of speech, and distinctive facial features. Pitt Hopkins affects all races and both genders equally.

Since the gene that causes Pitt Hopkins was only found in 2007, currently there are about 650 people in the world diagnosed with this syndrome, however we believe there are many more. Because loss of TCF4 prevents neurons from functioning currently, our scientist believe that studying Pitt Hopkins will also give us important insight into other neurological disorders with no known etiology like Alzheimers, Autism and Epilepsy.

For more information on Pitt Hopkins please visit
Register to Ride for Pitt Hopkins:
OUR TEAM!! We have some incredible people riding to advance Pitt Hopkins research this year! Check out their individual pages below (MORE TO COME SOON!):

TEAM EMMA! Emma's dad, John, has ridden for her every year in the MDBR! Check out Emma's page here:

TEAM ANTHONY! Read Anthony's story and donate for him here:

TEAM PIPPA! Read Pippa's story and donate for her here:

TEAM IAN! Read Ian's story and donate for him here:

TEAM RYLIE! Rylie's dad, Jack, will be riding for the fourth year for her! Check out their page here:

TEAM QUINCY! Read Quincy's story and donate for her here:

TEAM KONNER! Read Konner's story and donate for him here:

TEAM APRIL! Read April's story and donate for her here:

TEAM MADDIE! Read Maddie's story and donate for her here:

TEAM JOSHUA! Read Joshua's story and donate for him here:

TEAM ZACHARY will be riding in Australia in honor of the MDBR! Read Zachary's story and donate for him here:

TEAM CONNOR! Connor's family will be riding for the fourth year for him! Check out their page and donate for him here:

TEAM GINEVRA! Read Ginevra's story and donate for her here:

TEAM BRENDAN will be supporting at the MDBR for the fourth year! Read Brendan's story and donate for him here:

TEAM ALEXANDRA! Read Alexandra's story and donate for her here:

AMY MUNRO is fundraising in honor of CALVIN! Check out her page & donate here:

TEAM LOGAN danced for PTHS and is now donating to be doubled!! Read about their amazing fundraiser and sweet little girl Logan and donate here:

Fernando and Sayuri are riding for TEAM ALEXANDRA! Check out their page and donate here:


Registration for the 4th Annual Million Dollar Bike Ride is officially OPEN! This is a great fundraising event as every dollar we raise is matched by UPENN's Rare Disease Center!

Visit the MDBR website to register today!

NOTE: Only individuals who register as cyclist with fundraising will receive an official MDBR 2017 cycling jersey. If you wish to receive the jersey on event day, you must register by March 10th.


Saturday, May 20th
7:30am start
Start / Finish Line - Highline Park | 31st St. & Chestnut
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Free parking for all.

Three route options - 12, 33, or 73 miles.
Free t-shirt, refreshments, and entertainment included!

How to create your own giving page:
Fundraising cyclists are encouraged to create a giving page, where people can see your story of why you have chosen to ride and donate to your cause. For directions on how to create a personalized giving page, please visit

*** If you created a fundraising page last year you can reuse that page again this year!

Please contact Jessica Fletcher at if you have any questions or need help with this.
Why We Need You!
The Penn Medicine Center for Orphan Disease Research and Therapy (CODRT) is sponsoring this race to raise money for research in rare diseases such as Pitt Hopkins, and they will MATCH EVERY DOLLAR DONATED!! (up to $50,000) Please consider donating to our cause and being a part of transformative research. 100% of your donation will go towards research!
  • Only 650 diagnosed world wide
  • Rare diseases impact more people than aids and cancer combined
  • Non-profit Organization
  • Ran completely by volunteers
  • All riders will receive a t-shirt
  • 100% of your donation is tax-deductible
  • Give some amazing children hope
Donation messages
In honor of Calvin Lapidus --Susan and Robert Bahr
For dear Calvin --Waldorf
For Iris Eyres --Will & Stacy Eyres
Donating on our great grandson's, Caden, behalf. --Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Trygar
In Honor of our cousin Cal Lapidus, Much Love from the Simon Family --Andrew, Alice, Jackson and Joely

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