Million Dollar Bike Ride - Mucolipidosis Type IV
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Fundraising goal $20,000.00
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Andrea Marino
Miss Sophie Cohn $200.00
Mike and Lauren Cohn $1000.00
The Mack Family
The Naddeo Family
Recent donations
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Mr. Amnon and Noga Alon $4000.00
The Marino Family This amount includes donations indented below
   Andrea Marino
   The Krakow Family    $100.00
   Ms. Lynne C Mandel    $150.00
   Ms. Michele Ambers
   Miria Ardizzi
   Jessica D.    $25.00
   Danielle Marino    $5.00
   Barbara Danks    $25.00
   Jeffrey & Whitney Hess
   Miss Joyce Glass    $25.00
   Dolores Marino    $250.00
   The Kelly's    $25.00
   Jackie Lynch    $10.00
Dean and Sherri Bicknell $1500.00
In Memory of Carlos "Napi" K. Z"L $1500.00
In memory of Napi $1500.00

The ML4 Foundation funds research that leads to treatments and a cure for this devastating disease and we know that you can help!
ML4 is a neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative lysosomal disease that impairs all aspects of a growing child's function. Children with ML4 will likely never walk, never talk, will go blind, and have shortened lifespans. Approximately 80% of ML4 patients are Ashkenazi Jews, but the disease is pan-ethnic. Patients are frequently misdiagnosed, often with Cerebral Palsy. It is critical that children receive an accurate diagnosis, particularly so parents can be made aware that they are carriers of a genetic disease.
About the Million Dollar Bike Ride
The Million Dollar Bike Ride brings over 750 cyclists and volunteers to Penn's campus to ride either 13, 34, or 72 miles starting in the city, and ranging across the Greater Philadelphia region. In eight years, the MDBR's 30+ teams have raised over $14 million to fund research grants on the diseases they represent. The ODC ensures that 100% of the funds raised goes towards these pilot grants, with no overhead taken out.
How can you help?
1) Register as a cyclist for Team ML4 and collect sponsorships. The ML4 Foundation will help you achieve your fundraising goal and you will help us find a CURE!

2) Sponsor a rider or honor a ML4 child you know: donate in honor of a rider or celebrate a ML4 child you know. No amount is too small or too great; every donation matters. Each generous donation is matched dollar for dollar!

Your donations directly fund research to help treat ML4!
Come join us in this event and raise money through sponsorships! Donate and help us find a cure! Every act you take brings us closer to a treatment!

Funding this year will focus on getting us closer to gene therapy. Help us fund natural history research (evaluating the children in clinic) and push forward our gene therapy research.

This fundraising opportunity is important because the Orphan Disease Center matches our funds raised dollar for dollar! However, your help is critical - the match is given only when we raise a MINIMUM of $20,000!
  • We raise:
  • $20,000
  • $30,000
  • The total grant available for ML4 research is:
  • $40,000
  • $60,000!!!
  • Help us make this match!
Donation messages
We love you, Danielle Marino --Andrea Marino
For my beautiful, sweet granddaughter, Danielle, who lights up the world with her smile!! --Marilyn Hess
In memory of Napi --In memory of Napi
In support of beautiful Danielle and the Marino family --The Krakow Family
Continuously praying and hoping for a cure.... --Ms. Lynne C Mandel
Prayers and hope for a cure very soon. Much love and support to Alissa, Chris and bella Danielle who radiates and spreads her infectious smile always. --Miria Ardizzi
For Danielle who is absolutely amazing! --Jessica D.
Danielle is a light in the world! --Danielle Marino
Always want to support all the good work being done to find more answers & hopefully a cure. Love you D!, Aunt Nan --Ms. Nandita Bali
For sweet Danielle and all the children! --Barbara Danks

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